3 Doors Down vs. Imagine Dragons

Posted by: tjdalrymple17

Which is the better bands?

  • 3 Doors Down

  • Imagine Dragons

71% 5 votes
29% 2 votes
  • 3 Doors Down has been putting out hit after hit. Kryptonite, Here Without You, It's Not My Time, Let Me Go, Let Me Be Myself, Goodbyes, Loser. Best band of the last 2 decades. Imagine Dragons is just riding out "Radioactive" hoping they can come up with more music 3 Doors Down is much better

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tjdalrymple17 says2014-08-14T14:13:30.6892832-05:00
Yes you have. Unless you're like 9 or live under a rock you've heard 3 Doors Down.
FIZBO says2014-08-14T14:14:06.3236006-05:00
What type of music do they sing?
tjdalrymple17 says2014-08-14T14:15:22.2814613-05:00
They're a Rock Band. They've been around since 2000.
FIZBO says2014-08-14T14:16:07.3507280-05:00
Ew i hate rock
FIZBO says2014-08-14T14:17:06.4380678-05:00
I probably haven't heard of them, rock is the worst.
tjdalrymple17 says2014-08-14T14:18:55.4508678-05:00
Alright well that vote basically doesn't count because you don't know what music is. Bye.
FIZBO says2014-08-14T14:24:31.1921492-05:00
Um it basically does count
FIZBO says2014-08-14T14:24:46.9343198-05:00
And your basically wrong :)

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