4 Cylinder or V8 Engine

Posted by: AdolfBush

4 cylinders are weak and sound bad.

  • V8 is the best!

  • Four cylinder!

80% 28 votes
20% 7 votes
  • Who n their right mind could like the sound or gutless ess of a 4 cylinder. Yes some 4 cylinders can have power, but a V8 with the same power sounds 300% better and will last longer.

  • Some cars do fine with a straight 4 but typically, boosting power means increasing volume and this is also good for aesthetic reasons: i.e. sound, shifting power. 8 cylinders have good traction in an automatic tranny because power is transmitted to the rear faster and that is why usually 4 cylinders come in a stick shift, which is irritating.

  • easy serious horsepower!

  • Who wants economy cars?

  • When the crown vic has one, its simply awesome.

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Schoolstuff says2015-12-09T16:07:07.8239178Z
I would say V8, just for the raw power of it, but you have to take into account that speed isn't everything. Besides going to a small race track or something like that, when are you ever going to need to use the V8? It's not like you're going to go flying down the freeway at 100 mph all the time. A 4 cylinder uses way less gas, is subtle, and a whole lot cheaper. I can definitely appreciate wanting a fast, fun car, but after a while you're gonna wish you had gotten a 4 cylinder engine after having to buy gas every other day.

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