• One Direction

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer

42% 11 votes
58% 15 votes
  • Because they are really good

  • I just feel that 5 Seconds of Summer makes better music (sorry not sorry). Other than a few songs, One Direction /sounds/ like a boyband, and I'm not a fan of that.

  • 5sos are the best and will always have my vote

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m3rsonary88 says2015-10-06T19:28:58.6611645Z
What has society degraded to?
hcd1997 says2015-10-07T15:13:04.1374644Z
What have you degraded to
highwaytohell says2015-12-25T05:26:15.0395548Z
They're the same band twice anyway
hcd1997 says2016-03-08T15:18:50.5419154Z
Not even they are totally different

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