9/11 an inside job

Posted by: blackmagicwoman

Is the government run by reptilian shape-shifters??????????

  • Yes

  • No

52% 11 votes
48% 10 votes
  • Yes and all scientists are too! They are satanic slaves who lie about evolution to try and darken the light of God!

  • because of the way the twin towers fell this means that someone must of been underneath or at the bottom of the towers. they fell straight vertical the same way that towers fall when they are being demolished


  • There is no real evidence of reptilian shape-shifters. Only thing we know for sure is that there is huge influence of corporations, bank owners and freemasonry on government. I can't know for certain what happened on 9/11, but I am assured that if government knew about plane attack, they wouldn't attempt to stop it.

  • Totes brah

  • The fact that Bush received a numerous number of phone calls about Osama and his terrorist group & ignored ALL of them and took no level of cautiousness to the warning, that in itself makes him the enemy you can't trust to protect you.

  • Most definitely

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-22T11:50:25.4104487-05:00
I believe it wasn't only the planes that brought the towers down.
SweetTea says2014-05-22T12:02:53.6975532-05:00
An inside job? Hmmm. I think the Bush '43 administration ignored a lot of red flags. That includes top leadership at the FBI. But an inside job? No. I do think it's feasible that things were "overlooked", because Bush needed something to get the country behind him. What better than an act of terrorism? Let's be honest, after the election, people were crazy irate. Even after his inauguration, the role of the SCOTUS in the election was being debated. Bush had no mandate -- only connections. I don't think they planned 9/11. I don't think they envisioned the data that they had to be as bad as it was. But I do think it's possible that they looked at that data, during the summer of 2001, and got the idea to try and use it to their advantage. Who knows? It's just my humble opinion & stranger things have certainly happened!
dichotomyslave says2014-05-22T12:16:58.3747795-05:00
Sweet Tea very good analogy, as usual. You are a very intelligent young lady! But sadly you have befriended me?
blackmagicwoman says2014-05-22T15:28:00.1053528-05:00
I'm a guy smarts

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