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Sitara says2013-09-04T19:57:36.3053605-05:00
Where is the proof?
Solomon_Orlando says2013-09-04T19:58:53.3086629-05:00
There's a lot of evidence to back up the 9/11 Inside Job "Conspiracy". Too much evidence to drop in the comments, but I implore you to check it out for yourself. I don't personally read from this, but it seems to be okay: http://911blogger.Com/node/5327
truther1111 says2013-09-04T21:41:02.8388328-05:00
Ae911truth.Org has all the scientific evidence
Skeptikitten says2013-09-05T14:50:49.3475483-05:00
There is no verifiable, credible evidence that 9-11 was an "inside job". It's all conspiracy theory nuttery.
truther1111 says2013-09-05T19:00:53.1232769-05:00
Lots of stupid people cant use google it seems...
Skeptikitten says2013-09-05T19:58:37.3102946-05:00
And apparently lots of stupid people believe everything they read on the Internet.
PatriotPerson says2013-09-05T20:00:02.7063368-05:00
LOL to Skeptikitten
Skeptikitten says2013-09-05T20:02:59.2861325-05:00
WEll, honestly- just because you googled it and got some blog who made a claim doesn't mean it's true, people. You have to vet sources to ensure they are credible and verifiable.
truther1111 says2013-09-05T20:49:32.5837773-05:00
Most of the blogs are the debunkers side , while the truth network has websites from every discipline firefightersfor911truth.Org , pilotsfor911truth, police, architects and engineers, famous people, scholars etc. There are many.
truther1111 says2013-09-07T04:45:54.3842609-05:00
Http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=rnbMjAN7Bws how can you tell me that 911 isnt and inside job after watching this video , wake up americans, we love you but your so silly being lead into crazy wars your brainwashed please wake up ,
DanT says2013-09-07T09:32:34.6757951-05:00
Nice link to nowhere
truther1111 says2013-09-08T22:16:34.3196051-05:00
Oops sorry this one http://rt.Com/shows/the-truthseeker/operation-gladio-usa-terrorism-565/
47iscool says2013-09-10T17:11:26.9270310-05:00
Google: "911 missing links"
DanT says2013-10-06T08:00:40.8078580-05:00
RT is a Russian news network with a known anti-American bias. Try again.
truther1111 says2013-10-06T17:02:22.3452979-05:00
So i should use a pro america source like fox news or cnn lol ?
truther1111 says2013-10-06T17:02:58.2252979-05:00
RT is the best news on the planet ! If you want mass controlled media propaganda go watch american tv
matcauthon says2013-11-11T14:27:05.9693447-06:00
Most people in the engineering department at my school do not believe the official story for 911. Even the profs don't. It's not even worthy of debate because of the physics. In a fair world, if the official story was brought into a court room, the defense attorney would be thrown in jail. We're talking high school level physics here. The twin towers could probably be debated, but building 7 is so clear and in your face, that if you still believe the official story, you either refuse to believe, or haven't looked at the evidence
imabench says2013-11-11T14:41:37.0317790-06:00
Or maybe you're lying and are full of sh**?
Ragnar says2013-11-11T22:26:36.9593803-06:00
No better theory has been offered than the offical. Motivation being a key missing determinant, only found in the terrorist attack. Building seven having been a scheduled demolition is just stupid, as as there was no third plane for it; therefor why still destroy it?
truther1111 says2013-11-12T00:36:47.9958846-06:00
1.Insurance fraud 2.Enron and other financial documents were conveniently destroyed. 3.All evidence of massive inside trading that took place on 911 was destroyed there too 4.CIA headquarters.
Ragnar says2013-11-12T00:40:39.9447774-06:00
Truther that is quite the idea, that it was pure coincidence that the terrorist action happened to transpire the same day they were going to randomly demolish it... Still better than the guy I'm having a debate with right now, who claims it was some type of cold demolition.
Ragnar says2013-11-12T22:26:02.7920000-06:00
Just finished a debate on this very topic... Http://www.Debate.Org/debates/Building-7-was-a-controlled-demolition/1/
truther1111 says2013-11-17T19:53:59.2332980-06:00
Cold demolition ?
truther1111 says2013-12-12T01:50:07.4930621-06:00
Wow im surprised how stupid people are. 911 is the most obvious conspiracy ever
ironsheik7 says2013-12-24T14:34:00.3611530-06:00
Americans are brainwashed by the liberal and conservative media so they don't have a clue what's actually going on. Foreign news programs such as Russia today which is Russian news has stated 9-11 was an inside Job. The entire world and the media in the foreign countries states 9-11 was an inside Job, the only people clueless is the American people who are to dumbed down to ask questions. You'd think when the American government tells its citizens if you question 9-11 you wil be arrested, they would think hey maybe our governments trying to hide something from us, but Americans are to caught up being brainwashed and dumbed down with MTV and dancing with the stars and reality TV to even notice what's going on in the world.
ironsheik7 says2013-12-24T14:37:25.5822372-06:00
ironsheik7 says2013-12-24T14:43:34.5319398-06:00
Here is an interesting link by ABC news where US wanted to provoke war with Cuba, the US military planned to kill their own citizens. They even planned to blow up and kill one of their own astronauts John Glenn. LINk below http://abcnews.Go.Com/US/story?Id=92662
ironsheik7 says2013-12-24T14:45:59.0338135-06:00
If the link doesn't work, then go into google and type - u.s. military wanted to provoke war with cuba
Ragnar says2013-12-26T19:08:10.6460822-06:00
Claiming people who question 9/11 are arrested... Hilarious. If anything but a troll, please cite examples.
Ragnar says2014-01-19T16:35:44.9604243-06:00
Just finished another debate on this topic:
truther1111 says2014-01-26T22:09:11.5716089-06:00
Ragnar because you won a debate only proves how the emotional part of the brain overrides the logical side of the brain, the buildings were obviously a controlled demolition and you cannot answer any of the questions I have raised , if anyone can answer the questions I have raised please tell me. 1.Why is there molten steel 2.Why did the building explode literally into dust. 3.Where did the weight come from to blow up the building below it if it was all turning to dust. 4. Why are demolition waves seen travelling down the building faster than gravity. 5.Why does building 7 fall at free fall acceleration for 3.9 seconds.
Ragnar says2014-01-26T23:56:19.6806586-06:00 Every one of your questions, answered by respected professionals.
Josh_b says2014-03-01T05:42:46.8548842-06:00
ValidCarrot says2014-03-25T17:52:11.5909330-05:00
The thing is if the government was smart enough to pull this off, they would not risk their cover being blown when the thousands of people on the ground spot missiles flying into the building. They would simply allow the terrorists to fly the planes into the building as per usual. You conspiracy theorists are pretty crazy to come up with this elaborate scheme that not one single person has leaked since the attack happened over a decade ago

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