Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady

Posted by: Brady_Rodgers

Who is better Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady

  • Aaron Rodgers

  • Tom Brady

53% 10 votes
47% 9 votes
  • Both are valuable players and supportive of their communities. I give it to Rodgers because he has the accuracy or Brady with the versatility of manning.

  • Aaron Rodgers he don't cheat to win and hes a better passer by far and brady is just flat out trash

  • people say aaron rodgers is perfect but he flukes and is less consitant he also cheated #inflategate

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CannedBread says2015-06-26T10:38:54.9623143-05:00
Neither, Jay Cutler.
Brady_Rodgers says2015-06-26T13:00:21.3632682-05:00
Jay Cutler sucks
Brady_Rodgers says2015-06-26T13:00:46.6235115-05:00
Aaron Rodgers beat him 55 - 14 this season
Brady_Rodgers says2015-06-28T13:34:25.4763878-05:00
Brady also beat Jay Cutler this season 51 - 23
mousa_m says2015-10-07T01:11:41.4755338Z
Hey go packs go your aaron rodgers cheats look it up "inflategate"

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