Abortion, matter of murder or matter of choice?

Posted by: yoyoyo123123

Is abortion okay?

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Abortion is no okay no matter what

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Abortion is okay

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Miura says2017-12-21T07:33:38.9300316Z
Really?... >:( If murder is a matter of choice then so is abortion. In both cases, you choose to kill.
lannan13 says2017-12-21T10:03:48.2205418Z
Morally and religiously against, but in terms of legality, it should be legal.
MRAAJ says2017-12-23T21:14:26.4625575Z
Mothers' right in certain circumstances, esp. If unable to provide or unfit. Nothing to do w/ anyone else.
Autistic_Spider says2017-12-26T01:52:46.1929257Z
Why such ridiculous polarity?
SpeedUpThatComputer says2017-12-30T12:33:40.7436690Z
Miura murder isn't just killing. It is the unlawful killing of a human being. If i kill in self defense it is not murder because it is lawful to do so. So therefore if a women chooses to abort for reasons such as preventing herself and the baby from dying or potentially dying is it really murder to do so? I think not. Abortion is a moral issue not a political one and should be left up to each individual person to decide on the issue not the government. America is home of the free not the home of the enslaved.
Hugo_Head says2018-01-03T01:53:16.5468198Z
Every day when we eat we kill animals who have more intelligence than a baby at that stage.
ISDA says2018-01-09T01:37:09.8801727Z
The scientific definition of life is: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, and Nutrition. Abortion is when baby is in it's early stages and doesn't have these key features, therefore it is not alive, and therefore cannot be murdered.
CatalyticConvertersRule says2018-01-09T02:57:15.7860729Z
Netanyahu: America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world's biggest welfare state that we will create and control. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly.
DawnBringerRiven says2018-01-11T17:56:41.6898191Z
The scientific definition for life argument is an utterly pathetic excuse. Single celled organisms, by every scientific outlet, are alive. Zygotes, the earliest stage of human development, is a single celled organism. Zygotes are certainly alive. The audacity to say that simply because something isn't alive means you can trample on their basic human rights and discard morality to them is absolutely disgustingly ignorant and a huge double standard. Dead fully grown humans are buried, held sacred, and are not treated like objects. Do you want to know why? ***Because the fact they are not alive is entirely irrelevant.*** It just does not matter. So next time you think that simply because you believe zygotes aren't alive, then go out find a corpse and stomp on it for fun. Because obviously, if something not alive morals don't matter anymore right?
JoJo29 says2018-01-13T13:53:08.1218615Z
Abortion, even if the fetus isn't still considered a life, is still cruel. If you are having an abortion, that is equal to you are restricting that fetus to live in this world. You get mad if your life is restricted, but isn't it the same if you do abortion?
ladiesman says2018-02-12T03:21:08.4145753Z
It's not that simple. Abortion is not a black and white issue, there is gray.
jadenrfairbanks says2018-02-12T20:00:01.5008244Z
Abbortion is never ok its like saying hey your alive we don't want you so we are going to kill you
jadenrfairbanks says2018-02-12T20:03:08.8724244Z
Hey isda but the baby still falls into one of these category's and bring in science for for all I care but because a man said something does not make it right to kill something that never even had its chance at living
POOPalapilai says2018-02-13T13:12:27.6130140Z
Do you people for abortion even know what it is? The doctor begins tearing limbs off the baby, and then crushes the head. How is that not murder??
Opinionative says2018-02-15T02:10:25.9743309Z
Abortion the question on everyone's minds. Abortion is scary, terrifying and most importantly disgusting. Why would you give a life and then take it away. Was there a point in you getting pregnant. Abortion should never be made the choice for anyone. Everyone deserves a life and taking it away will only be a sin for you.
asmith727 says2018-02-15T19:02:09.3190272Z
I agree Miura, abortion is a form of murder
Cherrypalm says2018-02-17T22:55:16.6838577Z
@CatalyticConvertersRule "You people are ALL Whacked who say that abortion is alright. What, are ya'll murderers??? Wear a frigin raincoat FFS. You wanna bring a kid into THIS world?!!!? THINK FIRST. There IS no future. What does s/he have to look forward to? A 30 second orgasm, then 20, then 10, then 5 second one??? Life is NOT a gift but it should NOT give anyone the reason to KILL. You people all get your opinions off the tell lie vision - just like the goddam vaccination debate. You're all scared you're going to get all of these "diseases" - meanwhile, WHO wrote those books, saying that we had "smallpox" and "polio" etc?!?!! THE JEW. The csuckin' jew. They LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE. You probably believe the 6 Million lie, too, huh??!?! LMAO. Dimwits. William Casey said that "we'll know that our campaign is complete when everything Americans believe is FALSE!!!!!!!" And here we are. The jew burned California to the ground, flooded Texas, shot up Vegas, DO SOME F'ING RESEARCH. They're called D.E.W. Weapons and WSAC coolers. Wake up. Your state didn't get touched THIS year. You wait. The jew will cum for you, too." You are such a troll. Women have choices too!
MacWorth says2018-03-10T16:30:36.3433036Z
If Mudering a baby is okay, then murder itself should be okay, right? NO! Ever heard of foster homes?
archerrules says2018-03-12T17:56:26.5591308Z
Murder is never okay. Abortion is literally killing a child before he/she even gets a chance to live. It doesnt matter what the conditions are, All kids should get a chance to live, imagine if you were killed before you were even born. You wouldn't be able to comment on this. If you think abortion is okay, then your saying murdering innocent children is okay, and if that's true, then you are a dark evil person.
xtxfx says2018-03-12T22:13:58.8314060Z
POOPalapilai: ok I'm not saying I disagree with you, but the doctor does not tear off limbs and crush the head of the baby, since the baby isn't actually fully developed yet! Some clueless people...
dngu1934 says2018-03-13T07:26:54.6121818Z
What about in instances of rape? The mother not only risks her life giving birth, she will also face mental trauma, being reminded of the rape, if she were to raise the child. I think abortion is contentious and can be considered depending on the situation/circumstance.
Shelby17 says2018-03-25T03:51:40.6158085Z
What do you people think is going to happen to the child if abortion is made illegal a child living in hate from the parents. Being dumped along the road. Even if those are not the case family's and money can only support so many children. If population control were a thing then I would consider seeing it as bad but until then it's no ones choice but the parents.

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