Abraham Lincoln, A great president. Or war criminal

Posted by: brandan

Just do some digging, you'll be surprised what you find

  • War Criminal

  • Great President

22% 5 votes
78% 18 votes
  • Abraham Lincoln is a war criminal because he suspended Habeas Corpus. jailed any political opponents and anyone who was outspoken about what he was doing, history hails him as a great president, the president who freed the slaves. but he said,"Eliminating every last black person from American soil" he had embarrassing views on race. and not to mention he killed thousands of innocent people, so before you make this choice, do a little research! Cite: The real Lincoln by:Thomas J. DiLorenzo

  • Jailed Maryland Secessionist from seceding, Blocked Southern Ports, Declared war on the South, Didn't Free the slaves for there freedom but for him to win the war, made tariffs to take money out of the South into DC which is how the war started! Please tell me that this is Tyranny!

  • Which President wasn't a war criminal?

  • Lincoln was a great president. Sure he did some horrible things but it was during the worst war in American history. War leads people to make very hard decisions.

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