• Yep, site is broken.

  • No, is working well.

8% 1 votes
92% 11 votes
  • Use adblock

  • I Hate Ads To all the makers of advertisements, your ads cannot reach a person like me with superior intellect.

  • I use adblock at home and when I'm at work I hardly even notice. It's usually based on sites I've visited though so it's stuff I like, lol.

  • I feel like I may be the only one, but this website lags horridly for me. Its not the ads though, because I have Adblock.

  • adblock. There was one site I use to go to quite often, it seemed nice. I went to it once without adblock and there were so many ads all over the place it was terrible.

  • I just ignore them.

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Kreakin says2015-08-21T20:03:13.4924811Z
Use adblock - tried it, page just hangs. Any other ideas?
briantheliberal says2015-08-21T20:32:55.2891028Z
I don't even see any ads anymore. Maybe it's because they are blocked now.
SamStevens says2015-08-21T20:37:04.2666988Z
Ad block doesn't cause any issues for me, Kreakin.
PetersSmith says2015-08-22T01:33:01.9644200Z
I block the ads to protest Juggle's incompetence.
SamStevens says2015-08-22T01:35:42.7078504Z

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