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I can't vote

I have tried to go onto voting privileges and vote but it hasn't helped. I have done my phone number and everything, I have also done 11 debate so I should be qualified. But apparently not so. If you help me I will vote for you.
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I can vote on debates, but its a stupid system to use.

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Would you like to vote and keep me hooked in in this website?
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2ninjacat says2015-05-01T03:21:12.7479142-05:00
This is entirely for me to learn how to get to vote and hopefully for you to vote for me. If you like :)
Prole says2015-05-01T05:53:24.4225837-05:00
I literally can't get voting privileges because I live in Denmark, and this site doesn't support danish phone numbers.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-01T09:06:18.8582887-05:00
Don't worry about it. Voting on debates is overrated anyways. Points aren't even allowed to be rewarded based on the content. Its all about writing style. Its like back in college when you'd write a Gordon rule essay ... You only get graded on format and use of sources etc. What you actually had to say and the point you conveyed mean nothing, which is not what a debate is for.
TBR says2015-05-01T09:58:22.0885987-05:00
What is the problem? Have you asked an admin why you cant vote?

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