Advertising: Yes or No?

Posted by: mathdebator

Do you support ads (yes) or hate them (no)?

  • Yes

  • No

70% 49 votes
30% 21 votes
  • Business can't exist without it. And most small businesses would go under fast without being able to advertise.

  • Lots of things are free because of advertising which would otherwise cost or not exist.

  • TV shows need the ad money to exist as well.

    Posted by: dambug
  • Some advertisements are actually enjoyable. Many people rely on them to make a living. That's my two cents.

  • without advertising no one would know the options they have when choosing a product

  • Businesses need to be able to put their ads out for the public to exist, and some ads do benefit the people who are watching them. Not all ads are pointless.

  • I feel that ads can be really good, but they need to decrease the amount of ads that are put on national tv.

  • Advertisements inform us about the new products that are available to us. Without advertisements businesses of those new products wouldn't make money without the consumers knowing about the product and buying it.

  • I believe advertisements keep people informed and up to date on technology and other items being sold in the market each day. A valid argument would have to be when the same advertisements keep repeating and nothing new is advertised.

  • People want free apps and other things and ads help keep those thing free for the users. Add can get annoying but they are necssary if things are to be free.

  • Advertising helps show all the new products that are coming out or that are being released

  • look at youtube, people made their job doing youtube videos with advertising. If there no advertising u will not see those videos that u see every day.

  • Ads are annoying much of the time but they put bread on the table. Most jobs depend on the people creating a consumer demand (sales, marketing and advertising).

    Posted by: Try2XL
  • There should be advertisment but it should be voluntary. Just be prepared to pay for things that you love that couldn't run without ad money.

  • No ads, no TV. TV stations rely on advertising to fund themselves. The owners of these buisnesses pay these people a certain amount of money to advertise, and then the TV station has money to operate. Another factor is Youtube! Youtube inadvertently provides jobs all over the world. By people gaining a certain amount of subscribers, they can get a partnership with youtube. Youtube then pays them an amount of money according to how many views they get. Various internet personalities, such as iJustine, Tobuscus, PewDiePie, Markiplier, TheMediaCows, Ray William Johnson, etc etc, are actually now quite wealthy because Youtube pays them to post advertisements on their videos. Advertising is both pro-employer and pro-worker.

  • They are a necessary thing.

  • How would I know what movies to watch? Advertisements are annoying but neccesary for business.

  • 1) Necessary for businesses (it doesn't specify "Television" ads) 2) No matter how annoying they can be, think about the repercussions of not having them.

  • People can put advertisements on their private property if they choose to.

  • because i need an answer

  • It's basically lying about a product, and the same industry is used to peddle political lies to the population.

  • advertisements are needed but have overwhelmed television stations, resulting in the consumer watching more commercials than show time

  • I think ads only take up your time watching TV, since I really don't pay attention to them

  • Though it might be useful for the companies, it's a pain to have an interruption every 10 minutes while you're watching your favorite show, or having to have it load every time you want to watch a video on Youtube whether it have a 5 sec skip or not.

  • I feel that people don't even watch advertisements most of the time, it is just a split between a dramatic scene in your favorite tv show before you find out something good happens. Most of the time during a ad I will get food or check my phone. what is the point of spending so much money if people don't watch the ad anyways

  • Hate ads.

  • i admit advertising is needed for business but the overwhelming amount of ads that we have now is way to many

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Cowboy0108 says2013-09-09T10:39:53.1688462-05:00
No advertising...No TV. I don't like cable advertising, especially on children's shows, but I like TV, so I'll get over it.
Joseph.Eaddy says2013-09-10T10:11:44.6623697-05:00
Advertising helps show all the new products that are coming out or that are being released
Victoria.Kissinger says2013-09-10T10:12:58.4049878-05:00
Yes ads are the most annoying thing while watching tv, but without them the public would never know about new products, sales, etc.
Sarah.Hanlon says2013-09-10T10:13:32.2264382-05:00
Businesses need advertisements in order for their products to become known to the public. It is important for people to be informed on what they are buying and why.
neal.kerschner says2013-09-10T10:14:35.0488463-05:00
I concur
unheard says2013-12-02T05:03:26.9789014-06:00
Ads help many places, Bradley people might not watch ads most of the time, but if an ad is seen once it is very likely to stick in your head for ages, it may be because it is so annoy or it might be funny, ect. Thats all shops need you to do, then people start talking and all of a sudden people remember this ad and then people always think about it at random times and then one day when they need something associated with it they remember. Sorry about grammar, I'm in a bit of a rush.

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