• Soccer

11% 2 votes
89% 17 votes
  • No contest.

  • soccer is more tactical, it has better passing sequences and there are more tricks like a rainbow flick, maradona spin and step over, also, how many people went to the soccer world or watched it on TV! although soccer is better then AFL, I do respect both sports.

  • this better cause it is ......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-08-08T03:01:09.7999268-05:00
Its Football, not soccer.
hyperthermicreaper says2014-08-08T16:56:47.0042226-05:00
I am australian so we call it soccer
em_soccer says2015-10-27T07:44:38.3929759Z
I call it football and soccer, it depends who im talking to

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