Alcoholics and smokers are saints.

Posted by: Max.Wallace

Because they willingly contribute tax dollars daily.

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Max.Wallace says2014-11-08T20:08:17.5698980-06:00
Votes in my mind are worthless without commentaries. Blind voters check where their fingers are pointed by.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-08T20:11:23.6299053-06:00
So they vote. As a mirror of the human races votes, onto their side more, and galore. What a bunch of worthy tyrants they be.
PetersSmith says2014-11-08T20:32:00.4991766-06:00
Max.Wallace: What are the chances of you dying of a heart attack any time soon, Maxi Pad?
Max.Wallace says2014-11-08T20:35:33.5002112-06:00
Pretty good, what a saint ya be for yer observation.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-08T20:36:09.7806984-06:00
Glad to leave you fools for the quagmire. GFL.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-08T20:36:50.3417384-06:00
Peters Welch is my tyrant.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-08T20:37:34.8652800-06:00
What is your sacrifice, giver of knowledge? Tyrant of belief?
blackkid says2014-11-08T21:42:38.3349664-06:00
It costs far more to care for these individuals than they ever contribute via Sin Tax. They are demons.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-09T17:16:31.8852241-06:00
Evil is as evil does.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-09T17:33:50.6846593-06:00
The subjects of your vote against are your slaves. What a bunch of heroes!
qwertyuiopqaz says2014-11-13T14:38:13.9975023-06:00
They don't drink and smoke to contribute tax dollars. Paying taxes also does not make you a saint.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-13T17:55:06.8956033-06:00
You are correct, most of the self proclaimed saints, paid by tax dollars, pay as little as they can, or none. That is how governments operate.
Max.Wallace says2014-12-12T17:45:35.7119007-06:00
Some of the drinkers and smokers wish not one second of your robin hood care tyranny. Not one second.
Max.Wallace says2015-07-30T23:39:47.5438974Z
Most of the saints were addicted to something.

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