• Alexander Hamilton is a great man who founded are economic guidelines and system. If conservatives truly care bout the founding fathers, then they should stop ignoring this guy

  • Alexander Hamilton is a filthy socio-capitalist, and I hte him surely.

63% 12 votes
37% 7 votes
  • He founded the American school of economics. You should read up on it, as his theories are very interesting. I believe a couple books can be gotten online about the school.

  • I love seeing his face every time I have ten dollars

  • Hamilton was a Federalist. He believed in strong central government. I am not a fan of strong central government, however such a government was unequivocally necessary in 1790.

    Posted by: A.K
  • I must choose this.

  • 1) Hamilton was against slavery 2) He was a driving force behind the decision to have the federal government assume the debts of the individual states, which brought our nation together 3) He was the first man to step into Wall

  • what is up with the star of david

  • Alexander Hamilton's legacy gave us the Civil War, the Great Depression, the 08 Recession, going off the gold standard, the Fed, and much much more.

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