Alexander's Empire or Octavian's Empire?

Posted by: PetersSmith

Greece vs. Rome, Conqueror or Pax Romana, Zeus or Jupiter? Evaluate the successes and faults of the leaders and the Empires that they created, or just ignore that and choose if you like the Hellenistic Empire or Roman Empire more (culture, military, etc.).

  • Alexander III of Macedon's Empire of Macedonia; Son of Ammon–Zeus

  • Caesar Augustus's Roman Empire; Divi filius

19% 3 votes
81% 13 votes
  • Alexander was only 32 and he already had an empire to rival that of any other whom had ever conquered territory in one lifetime, beyond the rate of even Octavian's conquest (cause note, much of Rome was already established by the time he took power). Over the course of just over a decade, he grew what appeared to be a minor faction of Greece into a dominating superpower of the ancient world. Such was his influence that Romans read into Alexanders pursuits and strategies and would adopt gods much similar to that of the Gods whom the Greeks worshiped. Coincidence? Octavian no doubt had fine victories of his own, but things tend to go your way when you've been sworn under the legacy of a renown conqueror such as Gaius Julius Caesar, practically inheriting a far more stable society than the one Alexander had to tame.

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PetersSmith says2015-01-27T22:34:53.0244154-06:00
No love for Greece :'(
Shield says2015-01-28T01:56:48.8900262-06:00
Octavian being the son of god refers to him being the adopted son of julius ceasar whom was recognized as a divine being by the senate after his death.
Shield says2015-01-28T01:58:51.7294938-06:00
In contrast to alexandar whom was said to be the actual son of the supreme divine being of the melded pantheon of mediterranean dieties.
Shield says2015-01-28T01:59:31.3351398-06:00
I think alexander wins that round.
Shield says2015-01-28T02:02:18.8711399-06:00
But other than that, the roman empire was successful because of pax romana and local government. Alexander simply sought to acquire mass amounts of land by violent conquest.
Shield says2015-01-28T02:04:24.1298967-06:00
Plus the time period difference gives favor to Rome over Greece due to technology, architecture, cultural advancement, military strategy, etc etc.
Shield says2015-01-28T02:05:07.8460071-06:00
Thus my vote weighs toward octavians empire.
PetersSmith says2015-01-28T10:15:17.6158911-06:00
Shield: Lol ^

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