Am I ugly

Posted by: Dilara

I feel so ugly especially when i see really pretty people.

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GodChoosesLife says2014-05-03T14:24:45.8407129-05:00
Don't compare your looks to others looks. You are beautiful just the way you are just like everyone else is beautiful just the way they are. And what is really beautiful is what flows from your heart. Outter beauty is fleeting, but the heart is not. So let the beauty of your heart be what's noticed rather than wondering how you look outwardly. Yes, your beautiful outwardly, but that's not always the important factor. The beauty that flows from your heart will make you shine even more beautifuller outwardly! So let your heart shine and thus you will see the beauty of who you really are outwardly. Hope this helps you Mija. Blessings! :)
travis18352 says2014-05-03T14:40:50.2674438-05:00
I would vote but i know your just asking this to get compliments.
Crescendo says2014-05-03T14:44:50.1139129-05:00
She looks to white to be of Arab descent...
Crescendo says2014-05-03T14:45:11.3455129-05:00
Crap, a spelling error which wasn't caused by my computer acting up.
Fanath says2014-05-03T14:48:01.2502035-05:00
Lol yup.
Stalin_Mario says2014-05-03T15:05:09.3787129-05:00
Like a 3/10 in my opinion.
Fanath says2014-05-03T15:31:56.6935129-05:00
One of THOSE girls who say "OMG, I'm so ugly!" just so that she can get her friends to say "No Sarah, u r beautiful!"
Shadow-Dragon says2014-05-03T15:42:24.8362345-05:00
Don't listen to these other guys. And also, don't put yourself into a position where others can be mean, like making a poll about it. "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."
Fanath says2014-05-03T15:47:46.7959129-05:00
The voters are all people who just feel bad for you and vote yes. Happens every time someone asks for sympathy- People will lie.
Conservative101 says2014-05-03T15:57:22.1551129-05:00
Why do pretty people always think they're ugly?
Dilara says2014-05-03T16:27:30.4124038-05:00
Thanks guys!!!Xoxoxo. Crescendo btw I'm mostly white but with a little bit of Asian and Arab. Do yeah I look white.
A341 says2014-05-03T18:15:41.9562041-05:00
It's totally subjective, to some anyone is ugly and to others that same person is beautiful. There is nothing inherently attractive about what we in the west see as the perfect female (malnourished, brainless and with plastic bags implanted in certain places) this idea is purely cultural and as such not shared by other cultures (though there are a few things that are shared because they are evolutionarily advantageous like a certain waist to hip ration) . People are beginning to wake up to this and see that ideas of traditional beauty are almost all subjective and meaningless leaving your question meaningless and what @travis18352 rightly dismisses as simply a plea for complements.
Conservative101 says2014-05-03T19:09:11.1799129-05:00
Get out of here A341.
Fanath says2014-05-03T19:11:52.3279129-05:00
No, he's right. This person is equally attractive as this one.
Fanath says2014-05-03T19:12:09.0355129-05:00
Why have I been so blind.
Fight4Liberty says2014-05-03T19:45:52.8079129-05:00
1st Samuel 16:7 The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. :) And no, you look fine.
guntherstauffenberg says2014-05-03T21:33:26.9132059-05:00
You are very pretty, much more so than the phishing person
madness says2014-05-03T21:35:06.4568059-05:00
I don't think you believe you're ugly. Rather you at times doubt you're pretty. You wouldn't put your face onto a website if you really thought you were ugly.
Zoroark says2014-05-07T08:39:03.7047788-05:00
You are just saying this to get compliments so I will not vote.
Zoroark says2014-05-07T08:42:38.6697198-05:00
@OP You shouldn't base each other's worth in their appearance.
camkatcar says2014-06-23T21:59:26.9476392-05:00
Your pretty. Don't let other people tell you otherwise.
Loveshismom says2014-08-06T21:22:53.4172808-05:00
This is a lot of votes for a poll that's supposed to be goofy
captainfame says2014-10-20T21:17:28.1812237-05:00
If u think your ugly your ugly if u think your okay then your just ok if u tink you fine then u fine duh
HomelySherlock says2015-11-05T17:26:30.3859370Z
Hell yes you are
ryangill says2016-11-10T02:50:52.2559797Z
Yes i don't care that ur asking for attention niqqa u ugly as shit
Donut480 says2018-04-28T00:03:52.8253868Z
Your beautiful.
dudewhywildudothat says2019-07-10T18:58:20.5608859Z
Dude ur so ugly wtf

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