America employs 21.294-million civil servants. What does this mean?

Posted by: cludwig

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It means that the ship is sinking

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It means that America is free and prosperous

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It means that Americans lead prison lives

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It means we are overdue for a revolution

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It means that I need to get on that gravy train

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I'm already on the gravy train. Don't knock it until you try it

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It means that we need more civil servants

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It means that we need to reduce the number of civil servants

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It means that the average citizen has no hope

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Sarra says2015-09-18T02:39:31.7177073Z
A quick google search reveals there is 14.6 million government employees :/ It looks like the government really does create jobs.;26
Sarra says2015-09-18T02:43:35.6127975Z
Oops, you live in Canada according to your profile. Google says there are a little over 250k government employees in Canada. You guys have a much higher tax rate and way fewer government employees. (1/6th as many per 1million citizens) Huh? I wonder why.
TBR says2015-09-18T03:16:46.3826808Z
It means nothing really.
cludwig says2015-09-18T03:49:01.6778973Z
Yes Sarra, I am Canadian and living in Canada. Our problem (which in some ways is far worse) is that many of our Government workers make salaries vastly out of proportion with the private sector. For instance, some civil servants even have two or more pension plans for a single job, plus the Canada Pension Plan, plus old age security. I strongly disagree with you Sarra that government creates jobs. For each job the Government "creates", jobs are destroyed/taken away from the private sector. Furthermore, only the private sector creates wealth and production, whereas the government creates (takes) its money through taxation and the printing of money (currency devaluation). As the owner of a small independent record label/company that receives no support from government, this is my perspective.
Wylted says2015-09-18T06:22:46.6462560Z
The government doesn't teally create jobs, just steals them from the private sector, hires the most incompetant person they can find, and inflate their salaries
chandlerrouse says2015-09-18T22:02:13.8746656Z
There are a lot of mail men
Midnight1131 says2015-09-19T02:44:52.2317628Z
It means you need to learn how to make a proper poll.
cludwig says2015-09-19T07:09:36.2308573Z
I am curious as to why you think my poll is improper Midnight1131
chandlerrouse says2015-09-19T16:07:03.2623506Z
Wylted that is really stupid.

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