• American League

  • National League

54% 7 votes
46% 6 votes
  • National League sucks! All the best hitters are in the Al

  • O's fan, so I support the American league during the all star game and World Series. Not only that, the AL dominates interleaved play often, mostly because those teams have a natural designated hitter. And for interleaved play at an NL ballpark, a DH like David Ortiz can play first base which still allows the AL team to keep that power bat in lineup.

  • Why, in most cases, give out the free out or bunt? That's not enjoyable. Most people who tune into a baseball game want to see offensive power not defensive dominance which is why the American League is superior. I'd much rather watch Big Papi hit one over the Green Monster than watching John Lester strike out as usual.

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