Americans, do you think U.S. military spending is too high?

Posted by: cyber_onions

The US spends more money on the military than the next seven countries combined ($596 billion in 2015). Do you think this is too high, or is it a justifiable amount?

55 Total Votes

Yes, I think U.S. military spending is too high

31 votes

No, I think the U.S. does not spend enough on the military

15 votes

No, I think the U.S. spends a reasonable/justifiable amount on the military

9 votes
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The_Beyonder says2017-02-21T13:32:07.0766922Z
Just because someone thinks we're spending too much money on the military doesn't mean they're a liberal. It just makes them a rationale person.
KingHades1722 says2017-02-28T19:35:09.6725816Z
I believe we could achieve much more on our current budget if we we did not privatize the military, and in doing so cause so much waste.

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