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It is good to be somewhat involved in the affairs of other countries, but the war on terror has gone too far. Continue a presence in the UN and be involved somewhat in other countries.
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Non-interventionist, it's high time we get out of the affairs of other country

Get out of the UN, repeal NAFTA and other "free trade agreements" that threatens our national sovereignty. End the war on terror and worry about our own borders.
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Stay in the UN, continue American presence throughout the world. The war on terror must go on and we need to merge into a new world order. It is high time we end all forms of isolationism and merge as a one world.
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Volcanoes13 says2014-08-07T17:37:35.2218919-05:00
How the heck do I edit the poll to correct grammar?
PetersSmith says2014-08-07T17:38:42.3170618-05:00
Volcanoes13: You can't.
PetersSmith says2014-08-07T17:39:10.3344822-05:00
Volcanoes13: Everything you do here is permanent and a stain on your well being. We will hold you accountable for your grammar mistakes until the day you're rotting in your grave.
donald.keller says2014-08-07T17:40:50.4732027-05:00
In the hands of Mitt Romney, who knew how the playing field was played, as we saw with Russia 1 1/2 years after Romney said it'd happen.
dmussi12 says2014-08-07T17:51:07.7355567-05:00
I guess I'm more on the side of intervention, but not completely.
Preston says2014-08-08T11:46:32.7020126-05:00
@peter hahaha

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