Android vs iOS

Posted by: draxhunter

Which do you have? What do you prefer?

Poll closed on 5/6/2014 at 12:00AM.
  • Android

  • IOS

48% 10 votes
52% 11 votes
  • Customisation is important in phones and iOS lets you pick a wallpaper!!! Android lets you add widgets, change the UI, change the app icons, change the type of wallpaper (even moving ones!!) and so much more. Also I have found my android to be much stabler than my iOS device as iOS 7 is the buggiest software to leave Cupertino in years. Finally, look at the HTC ONE M8. It is highly innovative and does more than an iThing ever will do. SO before you buy the latest iPhone/iPad/iPod for $700 look at the better and sometimes cheaper Android devices first. You'll be much happier with a Moto X than an iPhone 5S.

    Posted by: Jlav78
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    draxhunter says2014-04-03T15:31:36.4616155-05:00
    You can create apps for free in Android as in iOS you can't you have to pay for it.
    arth2420 says2017-02-07T01:54:18.3416759Z
    You can get an android with double the specs for the same price as an iphone

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