Angela Murkel: The Killer of Europe

Is Angela Murkel killing Germany, and Europe with her migration policies, and her infatuation with the harboring of Muslims?

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Dilara says2016-09-07T01:33:52.8001720Z
According to the European Comission 60% of the migrants who came to Europe in 2015 were economic migrants not refugees. Many are illiterate and uneducated and will not be able to work. Instead they will take welfare money. The 1 million migrants Merkel allowed in in 2015 committed 400,000 crimes that year. 400,000. Warren42 is extremely ignorant. Merkels policies have led to a massive crime wave and an influx of people who are uneducated and who will not work. Most of these migrants are economic migrants not refugees. It is not xenophobic to not want a group of economic migrants who do not need to come to your country, to come in, take welfare money and commit crime. Most of thees migrants came to Europe for welfare and will harm social programs. I bet warren would not spend a minute in a migrant ghetto in Europe.
Hanspete says2016-09-07T01:36:14.5188186Z
@Dilara, You said it far better than I think most people have ever tried to say it.
Anonymous says2016-09-07T02:11:46.9120877Z
@Warren42 - My sincere apologies on misspelling 'Merkel'. I didn't know that the fascist were coming.
Dilara says2016-09-07T03:52:54.6906747Z
Thanks Hanspete Sciguy The migrant crime wave is worst then "the facists"
Anonymous says2016-09-07T14:38:06.5799019Z
@Dilara - I was replying to another user about my grammar, buzz off! LOL
Dilara says2016-09-09T03:59:38.6648312Z
Sorry about that
Dilara says2016-09-14T02:29:28.0231199Z
CuriousFear The 1 million migrants she brought in in 2015 committed 400,000 crimes. She did not save the lives of those crime victims she endangered them. It does not make you xenophobic to think that an extra 400,000 crimes in your country is bad. Most of the migrants who came to Europe in 2015 including those who came to Germany were economic migrants, not refugees. Their lives were not endangered and were not saved by the people who allowed them in.

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