Anime vs American cartoons

Posted by: thebigZ

What do you prefer, the Japanese style of cartoon or the American version?

  • Anime

  • American

85% 150 votes
15% 26 votes
  • I prepare anime. Sure, I do like cartoons like the classic, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, however, I like anime more because it has a story line because that is what I like.

  • Americans just aren't as creative as Asians.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Anime has real story lines, much better animation, and is taken as a serious art form.

  • Don't get me wrong, I love both! But at the moment I've been enjoying Anime more.


  • anime of course

  • Animes have a much more sophisticated drawing style that I like much better

  • 1) Actually has a story line 2) Usually has an acceptable and conclusive ending (unless has been in contact with Shounen Jump at which it will never have a good ending) 3) Has romance and isn't restricted to over-censorship, political correctness and taboos which were never meant to be. 4) Artwork is much more detailed and beautiful compared to western cartoons.

  • 1) Interesting. 2) Variety of genre. 3) More than just funny or childish. 4) Awesome music (Openings and Endings) 5) Range of audience.

  • Anime has a more mature kind-of genre (at times) and its doesn't have awkward stuff like what cartoon network now has

  • Anime is much more artistic, fluid than cartoons.

  • I love anime more than i love the American cartoons (SORRY AMERICA[Alfred-San] I STILL LOVE YOU!) As you can tell i watch Hetalia. It seems More Helpful and its a bit more REALISTIC! Yeah Spam me with hate i don't care I'm ready for it!

  • I love anime1 <3 because its amazing and awesome!!!

  • anime has meaning, thought and passion behind

  • Anime is the spark of inspiration that anyone, kid, parent, or friend, can enjoy. Anime has many genres and a wide variety of shows. If you want a freaky anime, Higuarshi or Another will work. A sad anime, Clannad After story or Angel Beats maybe even Death Note. A stereotypical anime, Hetalia. An action anime maybe based off or started off in a childhood manner, Naruto. or InuYasha. Animes with collectables, Yu-gi-oh or Pokémon are just some examples. You get my point here. Plus, you get to learn Japanese and be awesome. Also, it's okay if you fall in love with a character. You can also attend anime conventions. Trust me, they are super fun. I cosplayed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Lightning from Final Fantasy, and Jaden Yuki from Yu-gi-oh.

    Posted by: HL0400
  • Anime emphasis the good and bad moralities that occur within each show. Not to say that American cartoons have not done that either. Most anime shows have the themes emphasis more often than in some American cartoons.

  • I am a Fan of Anime , cuz Anime has it own something that keeps us all otaku thinkin how would we be when we were ourselves in a Anime Dimension. A little weird but still most of us are thinking like that. Anyways if someone disagrees then yeah... Keep the comment for you self.

  • Anime generally has more of a "mature" and intricate plot that can entertain viewers with its story and superior animation compared to cartoons.

  • Being a fan of it, I would have to choose anime, not just because it has a better moral, but the characters are more developed and teaches the consumer watching/reading it. Everything from the filler episodes to the big climax's touches the hearts of anyone who is able to be open minded to watch/read it. Cartoons for the most part follow no story line and the plot of each episode are easy to guess and in no way worth watching the second time around. For those who have a favorite anime, they find themselves watching it more than once happily. The experience alone while watching anime is amazing and well worth the time.

    Posted by: GreIIe
  • 1st speaker: I think animes are way better as first: the graphics are way better and they also have a proper story line. My second speaker will elaborate on these points. 2nd speaker: I am an anime lover and recently, my imagination increased due to the animes watch/ed. I used to be bad at English, both speaking and writing, although after writing some fan fics, i was able to rectify my mistakes and improve my imagination. 3rd speaker: All in all animes make audiences enjoy much more due to their awesome graphics and details, languages, plot etc. The words they use are also very effective helping you with your daily studies as well as providing u with knowledge and imagination. Meanwhile American cartoons don't usually have a fixed story line and simple English, also they mostly appear in comic section with less genre and knowledge but plain comedy. So we believe animes have a better and bigger quality as well as bringing interest to audiences engaging them in to the anime.

  • Anime is one a very intelligent source of entertainment. It is very thought provoking and even tugs at your heart strings. I'm not really a man to show much emotion, but I have been driven to tears more than once during an anime. I'm also a big lover of character development and I can tell you that nobody does it better than Japan. I've felt more attachment to characters in a 13 episode anime series, than I ever did in 15+ seasons of Family Guy. If I'm looking for mind numbing entertainment I watch American Cartoons. But if I craving an emotional experience I choose Anime.

  • Much more sophisticated and have better story lines. Have a lot more genres. Not that cartoons are not good, but anime is just much much more diverse. Most cartoons with actual story lines (as far as I know and correct me if I'm wrong) centers around superheros. Anime, on the other hand have good stories for every single situation imaginable.

  • I think Anime are really creative cartoons in comparison to the American one. Thats the only stand I am taking, but if its story plot related I join the American side.

  • I have no problem with American Cartoons and I even have a few favorites like Family Guy,Avatar,and a few Looney Tunes but American Cartoons sadly still have the idea that Cartoons are for children(with few exceptions) however Anime although some may disagree Anime is aimed for an older and more mature audience which gives it a depth that isn't shown in American Cartoons.

  • Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Psycho-pass, Fullmetal Alchemist, need I say more?

  • Lets face it anime is far more entertaining than american cartoon

    Posted by: lyrr
  • Anime is a very broad term that describes any animated production that came from Japan. There are TV shows and movies from practical every genre imaginable that fall into this category. Romance, action, thriller, horror, psychological, comedy, epic sagas, pointless saturday morning type stuff, lesbian romance, a lot of anime is not even appropriate for anyone under 18 to view. Cartoons however are very limited in genre, of course there are some exceptions like Avatar and... others that have a unique plot. but the vast majority of cartoons are comedies that have little to no depth or story line. There are of course some anime that feel exactly the same as a typical cartoon, but that is simply one single genre of the broad category of entertainment that is anime. Also if you compare the amount of money put into the two, anime dwarfs cartoons. To the Japanese, the anime industry is like America's Hollywood movie industry. You could say that If anime is Japanese-Hollywood, then American cartoons to the Japanese is like Anime-Bollywood. Sure its good, but its not on the same level.

  • Well, because the anime art is 100 times better than american comics. So are the genres flexible.

  • anime has a more realistic, alluring look to it and generally has a better story line to it than your average Saturday morning cartoon

  • Anime is much cuter, like 1000 times. Finally, Japan all the way!!!!!!

    Posted by: kiki20
  • For me it's REALLY close. By about 0.000001% more for anime.

    Posted by: roun12
  • I just find there's a larger variety of anime that cover many genres and age groups, but both have their share of good and bad. I just watch more anime, personally.

  • Ok so I love cartoons because like any other kid I grew up with them, I love superman, the justice league, spongebob, teen titans and blahblahblah all them other classics. I am doing a high school project on anime like how its made the art behind it funds conventions pretty much anything needed to make one. Believe me cartoons will never i mean never compare to anime. Watch some good anime like 5 Centimeters per Second, Gundum, Gurren Lagan, Naruto, DBZ (yes dbz because without it anime at this point would not exist), kill la kill, akame ga kill, parysite the maxim, and soo many more. People thing anime is just a bunch of yelling and hentai, if this is your take on anime then your just ignorant. Now ik people may prefer cartoons cuz hey there are fun, but you cannot say anime isnt better in all and i mean all aspects. So yeah cartoons fudge yea, anime kamehameha fudge yea

  • Anime always has a better story when compared to American. The American cartoons are stupid except for some.

  • I like anime better because the fantasy and the way it looks it is so intriguing . It also leaves you yearning for more!

  • anime for sure even though some of the american cartoons have a lot of the same plots they also have very non proportional characters in comparison to others even though most anime characters may have large eyes they still more so resemble a human body

    Posted by: TRXH99
  • We all know that the first thing that pops out in our head when we hear the phrase American Cartoons is Simpsons, the family guy, spongebob and so on. But do they really have the kind of essence that can change the person's thinking 360 degree round like anime? No they do not... Anime gives off the ability to open their inner imagination of everything in anything in the world or even better the universe.It can go far beyond your wildest dreams and that's just the quarter of it. So I'm just trying to say is that Anime is breathtaking.

  • Anime has more of a dramatic, romantic, adventurous, creative, and more unique elements to it other than cartoons that only includes comedy. I learn and become inspired by anime, wether being realistic or fantasy because I love anime. It is a unique quality that is a part of my very being. I think both anime and american cartoons are good but for anime, my score is OVER 9,000!!!

  • anime is great,cartoon just for comedy

    Posted by: yosua
  • Why Anime Is Better Than America Cartoons,Because: 1.Great Characters 2.Awesome Power 3.Alots Of Romance Moment 4.Lots Of Swords 5.Anime Funny Moments Is Not About Fart,Butt,.... 6.OTAKU 7.Alots Of Emotional Scenes 8.Lots Of Ecchi

  • Anime is grate for all ages while American cartoons are jest for kids and American cartoons is all comedy and no action

  • Animes are more than just cartoons. Some are made for kids (Doraemon) and others can be mature (Fate Zero). Anime have more of a variety and opens up to all audiences and even inspired american shows to be more open to the market e.g (Young Justice or the clone wars).

  • Anime is better

    Posted by: Speed
  • Animes are much more creative, have better storyline, better artform and more morals. Animes are a power pack of action adventure, emotions, tragedy, humor and gore. This gives anime a clear superiority than cartoons.

  • anime is better than cartoons by a lot for example get ready for a list. . . Animation, Better characters, Genre, Story line. . .. I think anime won this war. Heh heh

  • Anime is obviously the better pick. In each anime, all characters develop themselves throughout the story, they all have unique traits in which make them take a special part in you. Lets take Naruto for example, Choji is the fat kid who likes to eat potato chips but one thing that he values more than food is his friends. Shikamaru is the guy who always says "what a drag" and is a genius with and iq of over 200. I can name much more but the list would be too long. The music is also superb, making you feel a lot more connected with the characters. They teach you lessons of forgiveness and the harshness of the world around us. Teachers like Pervy sage who passed away are heavy.

  • I am a huge fan of both, but I pick anime because anime is more more emotional, and more cuter than american cartoons, cartoons fail to keep the styles more attractive, instead, they just use some weird goofy facial expressions and the storyboard was not good enough to attract larger audiences with many age ranges. Anime focuses on more depth and the characters are often prettier and more handsome, no wonder people prefer to print more anime designs on their products than american cartoons, so anime wins!!

  • It is way more intresting

  • Anime is always better than cartoon, Because they had more creative, Happy, Drama, Romantic, Action and better story, It feel great if you watching. But think about cartoon is just a comedy stuff and the characters are not serious, Also they often act like a fool. I was only tried to say cartoon are usually create for kids to watch. Since I'm Asian and I like to watch Japanese animated or some entertainment.

  • Anime has a complex storyline, Much more artistic/realistic, And more creative than cartoons (except Spongebob, The Simpsons, And Family Guy)

  • Ed, Edd, and Eddy, best cartoon ever, then you have Family Guy, X-men, TMNT, and not to mention Lunney Toons. What has the Japs accomplishesed again?

  • God these anime fans are pretentious. Look at shows like youngnjustice, avatar, gargoyles, spectacular spiderman, star wars: clone wars. Each and everyone of them has real storylines, real emotions, real depth and are miles better than most of anime today. And if you are praisng all anime as deep art form when you know damn well that shin chan is an anime, then you are outnof your damn minds. Shameful bias.

    Posted by: LemXZ
  • (I apologise for my bad English, I'm Belgian and only 13 years old) People mostly think that cartoons don't have anything special because when they think of cartoons, they think of things like Spongebob or so. That's because they don't look further than their nose long is. There are a lot of well written, memorable cartoons. Anime's have in my opinion a lot fillers, moments in the show where nothing really happens. They often just talk and explain too much, instead of letting the moment speak for itself. The fights mostly are way too long and have no real action in them. Tho the art style asks much training, the animation is lazily done. I mean, these anime-people barely even move. The heroes in Sounen are always someone with something that makes them super-duper special. You just have to look at their strange appearance if you don't believe me. There are a lot of character clichés, unmemorable moments and fillers. So please people, you actually have to know the subject before you talk about how great Anime's are towards cartoons.

  • I choose cartoons because it is more.... appealing to any age and race and culture. And plus a whole lot of people like cartoons. And cartoons aren't just mindless shenanigans, they do show a lesson and help the viewer see it too. Anime is good, just not great like cartoons. Go cartoons.

    Posted by: SsKj
  • I'll be perfectly honest, until a couple of years ago, I would have also voted for anime, and even now I'll admit that even my favorite cartoons, like Steven Universe, don't really hold a candle to most great anime like Aku No Hana, Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Ghost in the Shell. But while anime may have a larger back log of amazing shows, I voted for cartoons because while the quality of anime is going down, the quality of cartoons is rising. In the past couple of years, many shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Over the Garden Wall, have pushed the boundaries on what is capable for an animated show, and amazing shows like these are becoming more and more common, because companies like Cartoon Network have allowed animators and storytellers to experiment much more with their shows, and the experiments have been successful with the audience, allowing CN to produce more groundbreaking shows. Meanwhile, in Japan, one of the most intense, beautiful, and unique anime's to come out in years, Aku No Hana, proves just what is wrong with the anime community and industry. They just want more of the same. Aku No Hana flopped, and many people refused to watch it just because of it's experimental art style or it's slow, brooding pace. Most fans don't want a new ideas or themes explored in interesting ways, they just shows with "storylines" and "plot". Not complex plots that are injected with subtly, but simple plots with that involve lots of action. Cartoons, on are other hand, are the exact opposite. While I do love more simple cartoons that focus more on comedic writing, it is the shows that are tackling more complex themes that are really helping cartoons evolve as an artistic medium. This isn't an essay, so sorry if it isn't very well written, but hopefully it is slightly more convincing than someone saying the same old argument of "animez haz better plot points and haz better gwaphic guyz!!!"

  • American cartoons are way better because of the writing and the animation. There are some amazing anime shows, but overall the American cartoons are better.

  • because i like

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Cookiepaw says2015-02-12T16:28:46.6649093-06:00
American cartoons are just not as stunning as Anime! ITSH DA BESHT
SsKj says2015-04-06T03:14:37.1885937-05:00
Cartoons, not just "american cartoons" are better. Okay. Face it anime, it just won't match to a cartoon no matter how much it trys. CARTOONS! CARTOONS! CARTOONS!
manIDK says2016-09-17T00:53:45.6286308Z
Anime is more unique, better storyline, better characters, better everything and people pick cartoons because of animation which is pretty pathetic
Sherb0i says2017-11-09T20:15:16.2405335Z
In my opinion, all that anime just looks the same. American cartoons have easily recognisable characters and art styles, and they're sure to make you at least smile. Guess what. Entertainment isn't just about heart breaking stories and fast paced action! Sometimes it's good to sit down and watch an episode Spongebob just to lighten up my day. There are plenty of good american cartoons in this era, such as Gumball, Rick & Morty, Adventure TIme, etc. I could go on.
iLoveYou_JK says2018-04-12T01:35:37.9006200Z
If anyone thinks anime is bad... Then go eat your hair in tokyo ghoul:re land!
superautisticworld says2020-01-31T03:23:33.4897254Z
The reason why i love anime because i can understand character's expressions and emotions.
Apurb says2020-10-17T11:46:19.7377928Z
WHY I LOVE ANIME(REASONS): -Amezing Storyplot-> They are deep, Mature and unique, More relatable to reality. -Art style-> Detailed art style and characters with Anatomically perfect physic, You can feel their emotions through their perfect facial expression, Body postures change in accordance with their emotions. -Animation-> Different Camara angle, Visual effects, Blur effects, Camera shaking effects, Zoom in, Zoom out, Close ups, Lower angle shots, And numerous of many other effects. - Soundtrack-> They have emotionally touching soundtrack, Just of god level, Its makes you connected to the anime emotionally and creates a special place in your heart. - Opening songs and Ending songs-> Every anime always have amezing op and ed. - Graphics- They have god level graphics. - Visual Effects - Emotionally more touching - The way the characters talk in Japanese, It makes us feel their emotional state. - You shed tears -> Reason? It touches the heart emotionally. It happens with majority of Anime. - Vast variety of Genre -> Romance, Sci-fi, Slice of life, Demon, Magical, Supernatural, Adventure, Thrill, Horror, Psychic, Harem, Sports, Food, Police, Mecha, Music and many more. - characters grow up and also die.

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