Anime VS Cartoons

Posted by: FluffBucket

There can only be one winner....

  • Cartoons

  • Anime

23% 10 votes
77% 34 votes
  • courage the cowardly dog

  • Family guy and everything funny is a cartoon. I never liked anime, always found it strange.

  • Mostly because I grew up on cartoons, and never had much interest in anime.

  • I love cartoons, they are wild, snappy, and fun to watch, anime I would say is, weird, to me, it is just a bunch of people with bigger eyes and all probably have depression, anime trys to add and balance plots and other things when cartoons are classic and mostly are built up with adult humor and slap sticks.

  • In my opinion, all that anime just looks the same. American cartoons have easily recognisable characters and art styles, and they're sure to make you at least smile. Guess what. Entertainment isn't just about heart breaking stories and fast paced action! Sometimes it's good to sit down and watch an episode Spongebob just to lighten up my day. There are plenty of good american cartoons in this era, such as Gumball, Rick & Morty, Adventure TIme, etc. I could go on.

  • Dragon Ball Z

  • its like an awesome version of cartoons

  • Anime, or short for animation, is Japanese Cartoons but they at times seem to outclass them. While it is more enjoyable to find a solid dark or satirical comedy in American Cartoons, anime to me just seems to have a better story than most cartoons and has a much larger variety.

  • Anime is so much more detailed in my opinion. ^ยท^


  • Anime has way more variety and many cartoons these days are plain stupid. Anime tends to have a waaay better story as well. To me, anime is a better version of cartoons.

  • More drama and violence. When you grow up and stop watching cartoons anime still gives you the scratch you need for the cartoon itch

  • It is epic cartoons are spossed to be funny but they are not at all. ANime has action and comedy so anime wins

  • Anime is much more diverse with usually great characters and script cartoons seem to get worse each year while anime just gets better and bigger I love cartoons but anime is just amazing!

  • Anime is much more open to subjects that you never see in cartoons and I feel that the characters are more relatable. I also enjoy the art style.

  • Anime is way better! No doubt about it! IT is funny, dramatic, and meaningful!

  • it has more detail and its awsome

  • that anime is better because better unqiue characters, story, voice acting, music, expresses more emotion and many more people don't even care about it anymore they focus on the animation its pretty pathetic

    Posted by: manIDK
  • I picked Anime Because all of The cartoons i've Seen are from childhood and in my opinion were boring. Anime is better in many ways because it has better art and Understanding. Yah it's Better

  • animie,s better.

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beth170_0 says2016-04-13T01:59:45.2041554Z
Mr.Goombastompingmario,I'd like to rebuttal on what you said:not all cartoons are wild,snappy and fun to watch and anime isn't weird at all.Ya maybe their eyes are bigger than any other cartoon but,that doesn't mean that they have depression of something,it is just very different and unique in its own cool, and fun way.Anime is very inspiring,motivational,encouraging and much more and for sure anime does not try to add or balance plots and other things.Just like everyone else in this side said the same things:it's awesome,way better,meaningful,dramatic,cool and most of all cartoon to me is just very very boring :P

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