• Anime all the way ♥︎

  • Western cartoons. Just... Western cartoons.

65% 13 votes
35% 7 votes
  • There are more action in the anime. American is just bunch of dancing and comedy.

  • Excluding excessive fan-service, they tend to have better plot, characters, character development, graphics, humor (usually isn't inappropriate or if it is it is very subtle). Besides, western-cartoons don't really have many good action, fantasy, or sci-fi. One could argue, Adventure Time and Samurai Jack! Which are good. But I'd much prefer Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, and Steins;Gate.

    Posted by: Owlz
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TheBathead says2014-05-10T19:55:23.3222621-05:00
Would any of you guys voting bother to give reasons?
ConservativeThinking says2014-05-10T20:25:00.9881568-05:00
I tried to but my vote was submitted to moderation.
TheBathead says2014-05-10T20:27:31.3028032-05:00
ConservativeThinking, could you repost your reasoning in the comments?

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