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  • Right off the bat man, Anna is so much cuter and her character is so much more developed throughout the story.

  • She sacrificed herself for her sister. Simple as that. Yeah she may not have magical powers, but she doesn't need them. Another plus is she punched jerk face in the face haha.

  • Here's why I think Anna is much better than Elsa. Ok, let's just start by saying I know why people consider Elsa a good, innocent person. I understand that she was put through a hard life, and that she had a good intention. I know that she wanted to keep Anna safe from her. But she thinks about herself too much. She never looks at Anna's miserable side of the situation. Elsa turned away Anna for years, when she could've just got to know her, and talked a little once in a while. But she locks herself in. Anna didn't have anyone, and she had no reason to hope for better. She had gone through being shut out for years, but on Elsa's coronation, she hopes for the best. She stays positive, and believes that even after all these years, things will get better. She finally gets to meet her sister. Elsa gets so frustrated, turns away and tells her that it can't be like this forever. Whenever Anna asks Elsa anything at the beginning of the movie, Elsa smiles, then merely turns away without giving any answers, expecting Anna to plainly shut up, and stop asking questions. That's exactly what Anna does because she doesn't want to upset Elsa. Elsa is unbelievably lucky to have such a caring sister. Anna is so desperate for love, she wants to marry the first man she sees. And instead of reasoning with Anna, Elsa says she can't marry a man she just met, and turns her away, once again. And then in the first real conversation she has with her sister, Elsa tells Anna to leave, because she told her she couldn't live how they did. Anna only ever shouts at Elsa once, and not only because she told her "no" again, but because she never gives the slightest bit of explanation. When Elsa lets out an icy blast, the first thing she does is run. She doesn't call Anna over. She doesn't try to explain. She runs. There are people who think "Oh, Elsa is afraid of herself. She wants to keep Arendelle safe." But Elsa gives up on Anna, gives up on being queen, and gives up on controlling herself! Look, after Elsa turned Anna away her whole life, Anna still says it's her responsibility to get her back. Anna loves her sister so much. I also have a problem with what she says in Let it Go. Sure it's great when it comes to music, but she says the cold never bothered her, carelessly ignoring all the people in Arendelle, freezing to death because "the cold never bothered [her], anyway". People say she didn't know about what was happening in Arendelle. But she says "let the storm rage on". Not only that but she's viewing everything beneath her from a balcony on the second floor of a palace on the top of a mountain. And now Anna compliments Elsa's ability. Elsa says "Thank you. I never knew what I was capable of." She doesn't ask Anna why she's here. Or explain to her what's going on and why she doesn't want to be with her. She simply tells Anna she's a danger to Arendelle, and turns her away... again. Elsa tells Anna she's not safe around her, but wait. She's safe being chased of a cliff by a snow monster? If you're going to defend Elsa by saying she only created Marshmallow because she felt "threatened", keep in mind that that's something bad about her personality. She's pessimistic, and once she discovered that she can create living things with her power, she created a monster. And also, it's not her parents' fault. They treated her with happiness and constantly showed their love. And also, don't say that the only reason Marshmallow chased the trio off a cliff was because Anna threw a snowball at him. He threw them out of the palace anyway. And even though Elsa keeping Anna away has been most of Anna's past, Anna loves her sister enough to die for her, instead of saving herself, which she could've done. Suddenly, Elsa acts like the most important thing to her in all of her life is Anna. Excuse me? But wait, I don't totally hate Elsa. She does have a reason to do what she did, although she definitely could've thought straighter! After watching Frozen a few times and really thinking through Elsa's words, her true intentions became clear to me. When she says she's doing things to protect Anna, she's only doing them for herself, to get what she wants. She wants to use her power. Elsa is completely self-obsessed. I started having second thoughts about disliking Elsa when I saw how stressed out she got when she found out Arendelle is having eternal winter, but I now realize she didn't care about Arendelle's people. She was stressed out about herself. She was only thinking about herself and the fact that she is messing up and how hard it is for her to tame her magic. She constantly worries about herself. "Oh, I'm such a fool. I can't be free! No escape from the storm inside of me! I can't control the curse!" I have spent months wondering to myself why Elsa never returned to Arendelle, but it's finally clear now. She wasn't worried about the people who were close to freezing to death. She was worried that she wouldn't be able to use her power properly. She tells herself "Control it!" when she can be going back to make things right and face what she's done. It seems like Elsa doesn't want to be isolated. So why does she run to a deserted mountain? Because isolation truly means nothing to her if she can free her power to a monstrous extent. When it comes to looks, I used to think Elsa looked better than Anna, but then I imagined her without makeup... Also, Anna doesn't wear makeup, and looks adorable, anyway. She also doesn't strut with her hands in the air, wearing a silky, slit skirt with a long train cape dragging behind her. But Elsa's makeup does go beautifully with her face, so she's quite pretty looking throughout the movie. Don't get me wrong, Elsa was obviously in a stressful state of confusion. The choices she had to make were tough. She was in uneasy situations. But when the time finally came to make a choice, she made all the wrong ones. The only good choice she made was to hide, and try to control her powers. It technically wasn't her choice, because the trolls told her that there's great danger in her power, and that she must learn to control it. So she's obviously going to try. Most people say that Elsa feared her power, and that flurried her emotions. Think about it. Elsa flurried her emotions, so she couldn't control her power. Elsa scares her power more than it scares her. That's her problem. Her parents try to soothe her, but she panicks. All Elsa did for several years was try to learn how her power is controlled. I don't think she was mature for trying. She never figured it out. She overestimates everything, causing her to be unfriendly with Anna. Elsa is a villain, the worst type of villain: a villain that wants to be treated like a hero. She wants people to treat her like a queen without giving her royal responsibilities. Anna manages to never point this out and always look on the bright side of everything. I also think that Anna understands her responsibility as a royal. After being struck in the heart with ice and chased of a cliff, she worries that she can't go back to Arendelle with this weather. She is also still thinking about Kristoff's business which makes her a pretty selfless person in general. Anna knows that, with Elsa running off, Arendelle counts on her. Anna doesn't want to let the people of Arendelle down by returning with nothing but an injury. Elsa, however sings "I don't care what they're going to say" and "I'm never going back". Anna insists that she understands Elsa and that they can figure out how to end the winter. Elsa, obsessed with her power asks Anna what power she has. The truth is, she has love. More than Elsa was ever willing to give to her. Anna is a much better person than Elsa. I may not be able to convince people of the horrible things I say about Elsa, but you have to understand this: Anna is forgiving, determined and optimistic, while Elsa was never hurt by anyone, however, still pessimistic and a complete coward. I mean, try to put Elsa in Anna's place. Imagine Elsa begging Anna to leave the room. Based on what we've seen of Elsa, when she's clearly being helped, she whines, freaks out and screams. Think about how much whining, freaking out and screaming would be involved if she was shut out with no idea that she was being physically protected! She wouldn't be feeling bad for Anna inside the door! She would be clearly pitying herself as always. But not Anna! She tried to comfort Elsa when their parents died. At the beginning of the movie, while Anna is being physically protected, it makes no difference because all she knows is she's being emotionally abused. (No, it is NOT her parents fault. They told Elsa to conceal her powers, and limited any contact with her and people, but did NOT tell her to never respond to Anna's begging!) Elsa is obviously aware of the effect her ignoring has on Anna. I personally think Safa Mohammed understated when saying "She was also knowingly hurting her feelings in the process." but it's really true to an extent. Plus, the line "Well now they know!" is totally overlooked. Anyone who thinks Elsa was such a dear to sacrifice what she did, listen to how Elsa sang this. So full of relief as if this was the moment she was waiting for her entire life. (I'm not saying she shouldn't wish to let go of power, I'm saying her good intention clearly turned into self-concern.) It was like she was waiting for an extraordinary moment when she could forget Anna, Arendelle and responsibility. At the beginning, the VERY beginning, Anna wants love. Which is natural, not a selfish desire, and Elsa is trying to keep Anna safe. However, we very quickly see how selfless Anna's heart is and how so completely concerned and absorbed in herself Elsa is. We see the several things Anna risks for everyone, (including her life) and the several things Elsa escapes and pushes away, because instead of ignoring fear (the fear she claims can't get to her at all) she let's it surround her, making her selfish, ONLY self-concerned, and someone who screams "I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!!!" while referring to stopping the eternal winter that she set off because of her stress which will soon kill the kingdom which people claim she loves, turns around only when she finally hears the few sounds of pain that came from her sister who she just mistakenly sentenced to death. I mean, every time Elsa started freaking out, she saw how crazy her powers went, but she was too selfish to care. To realize that maybe she's the problem. Not her sister. Not her powers. Not the life she was put through. Her. How could Elsa be the better person? Would SHE forgive her sister if she shut her out, screamed at her, turned her away, and then mistakenly set off an eternal winter? Would you? Would you be able to forgive like Anna did? Would you be able to react calmly and go to save yourself after being told that "There is ice in your heart, put there by your sister. If not removed, to solid ice you will freeze forever."? If it was Elsa, imagine how she would react. Probably the way she reacts to everything. How could Anna not be an amazing person? The better one, actually? Every time something happened, Elsa knew exactly what, and how much every person knew about the situation. And she always knew the most. But she was still the one who refused to share her childhood story with Anna, even after showing the whole kingdom the secret that restrained her from telling. Elsa was still the one who couldn't control her emotions. Why not Anna? She was the one who would be acceptable if she was this way! She was the one who knew nothing about what was going on! She was the one who was tortured! But she was the one who managed to develop a great personality. She didn't want people to suffer like she did, but Elsa didn't care. Anna only had her own thoughts. She managed to go through 13 years with nothing but them. Except for her parents during the first 11. Then, in the last 2, she had nothing. Just them. Just her thoughts. Could you survive that way? And much more importantly, could Elsa?

    Posted by: KhRa
  • A lot of people (but not necessarily all) seem to pick Elsa just because of her appearance, ice powers and shimmery dress.. but that's just shallow and superficial. There's more to a character than just magical powers and looks. :p Honestly, Anna is a really strong girl when you think about it. Her parents died, her sister ignored her (keeping in mind she didn't know why), she was all alone yet she still stayed positive, strong, happy, optimistic and had hope for the future. When Anna makes the rash decision to marry Hans does not mean she is stupid or dumb. She is simply too trusting. Have you forgotten how she's been treated in her life so far? She had no one to talk to for years, no role model or anyone to bond with or learn from. She needed someone to trust, and therefore took the opportunity with Hans. She didn't know how much of a villain he was then. Plus, when everything went wrong, it was her bravery and fearlessness that saved the day. On the other hand, Elsa remains pessimistic and unwilling to try and solve the problem. Rather than trying to find a solution with Anna, she isolates her self in her ice castle creates a snow monster to throw Anna out. Anna is the protagonist who moves forward by embarking on the journey and gets things done. Furthermore, she's extremely selfless; esp. when she risks her life for her sister. I have a lot of respect for Anna. She is trusting, brave, kind, loving and loyal. She is the reason why Arendelle was saved. Anna is the true hero of Frozen.

  • Hands down elsa


    Posted by: kbub
  • I'm not going to fully develop my arguments, because I'm kind of tired, so I'll just develop a couple of bullet points: - Elsa's maturity at a young age is somewhat superior in my opinion to Anna's naivety. This is demonstrated best with Anna's wanting to get married five minutes after meeting a guy (who turns out to be evil) and Elsa's protection and responsibility of her younger sister. - Secondly, her sense of responsibility. She was able to confine herself for years to protect her little sister, despite the loneliness she suffered. (Seeing a pattern with the responsibility thing yet?) - She loves deeply, yet she knows how to control it, and she knows that true love doesn't come instantaneously. Everything she does throughout the film is for the good of others (especially Anna), even when it seems like she's being harsh. - Finally, she isn't afraid to kick her fair share of arse. Enough said.

  • She did not want to marry a guy that she just met. Also she has ice powers so she wins.

  • Imabench or some noob?

  • Although i'm not a fan of the film, this boring character is a little better than that boring character.

  • Elsa , you look beautiful . She's also got ice powers and not influenced easily


  • I think because Elsa sacrificed a lot of her happiness just to keep Anna safe by isolating herself from her makes her character more humble, even if it wasn't the right decision.

  • Super powers=awesomeness

  • I think that at first (Hans part) Anna was a bit selfish.

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ESocialBookworm says2014-03-30T12:28:31.3277782-05:00
Haven't seen Frozen yet...
imabench says2014-03-30T12:37:49.0444238-05:00
Well then you havent lived life yet
Dennybug says2014-03-30T13:16:34.9831776-05:00
Ewww i cant believe there's no love for Anna. She's so much better.
KhRa says2015-02-06T09:04:49.7196071-06:00
Honestly pretty much everyone is just all "powers, powers, powers..."

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