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Posted by: GeeWillikers

Your paddling upstream in your canoe when your left wheel falls off. How many pancakes does it take to stack up to the size of a doghouse? True or false?

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No because icecream has no bones

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dynamicduodebaters says2014-04-29T18:04:51.4410063-05:00
Somone tell me how this riddle works!
GeeWillikers says2014-04-29T18:05:43.6386063-05:00
Oh, my friends brothers science teacher told us this joke. Its not supposed to make sense. Yeah.
dynamicduodebaters says2014-04-29T18:06:12.3426063-05:00
GeeWillikers says2014-04-29T18:08:28.6555228-05:00
There are slightly different versions, but this is how it was told to me.
GeeWillikers says2014-04-29T18:09:47.1708261-05:00
More like a bunch of different versions very different than this one lol
SweetTea says2014-05-01T07:03:24.6517549-05:00
This riddle reminds me of ANY discussion with a drunk -- no sense whatsoever!
mariegalbrae says2014-05-03T11:25:51.5431129-05:00
How the riddle works: When it says your left wheel falls off, it doesn't mean a wheel off of the canoe, it means you yourself has gone crazy. Like the saying 'you've lost your marbles'. That is why the first bit makes sense, and the last bits are random. This is also why the answer doesn't make sense either.
naenae12 says2014-05-04T00:41:54.2768059-05:00
Non because donkeys love rocks and spiders eat pickles, too easy!!!!!!
EternalWolf says2014-05-09T14:30:16.3311275-05:00
GeeWillikers says2014-05-09T15:30:35.4423844-05:00
noneya says2014-05-16T09:14:05.2327411-05:00
I dont understand
Loveshismom says2014-05-28T05:58:19.1607832-05:00
I'm sure GeeWillikers is just trolling. That's why I picked the "TROLL" answer.
Loveshismom says2014-06-12T22:31:01.6569103-05:00
Lol nice try, GW. I can tell thus is a troll poll.
Loveshismom says2014-06-15T07:50:27.3015425-05:00
"How many pancakes does it take to stack up to the size of a doghouse?" Is when this poll gets off topic. "True or false?" Is not on topic at all as this is a reasoning question, not a yes or no question. "No because ice cream has no bones" has nothing to do with the poll. It's not a yes or no question, so true and false are out and the only valid answer left is TROLL

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