Apple or Samsung

Posted by: usainbolt

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  • Apple

  • Samsung

50% 41 votes
50% 41 votes
  • I prefer Apple more due to their technology but their prices are way to expensive.

  • agreed, better, but costs a lot more

    Posted by: yay842
  • Apple provides a higher quality consumer product

  • Better design, better quality. The winner is Apple.

  • Apple has much better quality than Samsung, and Apple has better service, IF something is wrong with the device you send it to them and they fix it and send it back really fast. If a Samsung goes wrong (which must happen a lot since they make it easy to do it yourself), then you take off a cheap piece of plastic to fix it.


  • Economically, Apple is the better company. Aswell as the fact that Apple has iMessage, iTunes, the App Store, and Facetime available.

  • Samsung Phones have bigger screens than apples iPhone range. Also expandable memory slot. Customisable software, 3rd party apps, and widgets. A button for options and a reverse. S4 is better than an iPhone for that reason.

    Posted by: sodoff
  • look up another opinion post....

    Posted by: HOBOES
  • Samsung is higher quality

  • The difference of technology between Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5 is, literally, the size between an apple and a galaxy. Samsung is tremendously better than apple, while apple only fights with stupid design. Samsung is the appropriate mobile phone for 21 century.

  • you can change the battery all the apps that apple has samsung has

  • Because it is.... Why ask when it is obvious

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bbbbbbb says2014-01-25T21:22:19.2682321-06:00
Samsung is a lot better. Bigger battery, screen etc. Also better resolution, camera apps and lots more
GGDRACO says2014-05-27T19:49:50.2467946-05:00
Apple has awesome fingerprint opening system and Samsung copied
Musician327 says2014-06-11T22:12:03.6277699-05:00
On a Samsung, you can get alot of free music, and I can listen to more Led Zeppelin.
Chancho19 says2014-09-21T17:18:24.4702759-05:00
Apple's entire system runs 5 times smoother than Samsung's Let me start with a question: Do you know who invented the first touchscreen smartphone? The answer is apple. Do you know who, in a court case, admitted to copying Apple's design? The answer is SAMSUNG. I don't ever want to hear that "Apple has copied Samsung." It is a lie. Apple's operating system runs the smoothest out of any smartphone device. Apple invented the Touch ID which gives your whole device an extra layer of security. Samsung, after introducing their S5 to the market, suddenly have a NEW touch sensor! Wow! New huh? Didn't apple just do that a few months ago? I call that copying. AGAIN. Apple currently has 1.3 million apps on their app store. 300,000 more than Samsung. Another reason Apple devices can do more. Samsung will never be able to keep up with that.
EMPRESS22 says2014-10-12T00:34:14.4914753-05:00
Apple actually use older technology so that they can create more versions of the iphone which promotes a feeling of exclusiveness for Apple users making them want to buy iphones because so many are coming out.
EMPRESS22 says2014-10-12T00:36:17.9604853-05:00
Chancho 19 Apple were not the first to design smartphones. The first smartphone was called the IBM Simon and it was not designed by Apple. Do your research. I have spotted many errors in your argument.
abiadeaji1234 says2014-11-18T17:24:24.5246705-06:00
Plus, Apple copied Samsungs button on the side and pasted it on the Iphone 6
abiadeaji1234 says2014-11-18T17:25:40.3118974-06:00
Chancho19 i want you to try and by a samsung device to see how long it lasts
keshawn.sullivan says2014-11-25T16:38:40.6340220-06:00
I'm glad I'm am able to address this controversy!Firstly,I want to say that people chose Apple solely because they jumped on the bandwagon!!With that said,people also deter from Samsung because of its technology's bloat.I admitted it is bloated and Apple remains with the simplicity but I want to also acknowledge the fact that Samsung phones are bloated because of the very many features and advanced technology integrated into each phone.Samsung is byfar more advanced than Apple.Apple keeps it simple and boring.Samsung likes change,stepping into the future,and integrating new technology plus the old technology which bloats everything.If I had to chose between old and boring and bloated but advanced I would chose Samsung any day.For those who have arguments for me,please point out how Apple products even appeal to you.
purpleswan17 says2015-02-01T10:01:06.4007746-06:00
Honestly, If someone said you can have either the I Phone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy 5 for free I'd say I Phone 6
Cyberblade says2015-03-30T15:19:49.8775893-05:00
Apple is making a watch out of gold where as Samsung is try to bend the screen
Humanities says2015-06-15T12:52:33.1808810-05:00
Apple is better than Samsung. This is because apple has more home screens if you by the app. It takes better picture and is easier to look at the screen in sun light. Therefore we know Apple is a better product than Samsung.
Thefreakinapope says2015-07-02T18:49:03.8566958-05:00
All android devices are better by a long shot the it's is changeable every app is on the play store that apple has. The memory is mutch bigger.The screen is mutch more realistic 4k screen.I don't have to put all my music on the iTunes app. I can just download and play on Samsung I can do what I want with android while apple keeps you limited on what you can do apple socks for that reason.
Its.Campbell says2015-07-26T22:06:35.1524131-05:00
Apple's the best and theres no doubt about it
coolryancool says2015-10-25T01:51:46.1370699Z
Samsung no bugs better
Trevato says2016-01-11T21:06:54.6587987Z
First off, other people who are saying that they switched from android to apple have used old outdated phones then went to a cheap apple phones and saw that they looked cooler and were more popular so they called them better. Second off, Android is better in every aspect. From the 4k resolution screens to the expandable memory to the great compatibility Samsung has Apple beat. For my first topic, Apple currently uses 1080p screens with sapphire glass whereas Samsung uses 4k corning Gorilla glass 4. Not only is the picture better, but the screen is stronger. I always see those white girls with their Starbucks coffee, their ugg boots, and their North face jackets carrying a white cracked iPhone that the dropped .0000001 inches off the ground. Next compatibility is huge. Apple, for instance only allows things made by Apple or a few other companies to put their product on the market. Samsung though is literally compatible with every other phone company. Sometimes including Apple. For example iTunes music can be transferred to Google play and other software but Apple doesn't allow music from outside sources unless done illegally. This also goes with expandable memory. For Apple you need to pay $100 dollars more for the next upgrade in memory, but for Samsung you can buy a small micro SD card for around $20 and it will give you more space than any Apple product. The Apple app store is also supposedly larger than Google Play and Galaxy Apps combined, but that is false. Google Play alone has around 100,000 more apps than the App Store. This is another compatibility issues with Apple. They only allow a few apps into their store. For example in October 2015 Apple refused an ingenious app that uses the “3D” touch sensors on the iPhone 6s as a digital scale. Why? Nobody knows. My guess? They didn't make it fast enough themselves. The next point I need to emphasize is Samsung didn't copy Apple, but Apple definitely copied Samsung. The new “3D” touch feature that I mentioned earlier was an incredible idea, but it wasn't made by Apple. In version 2.2 of android, 2010, this feature was included but there wasn't a use for it. Apple just put a fancy, futuristic name on it at everyone went crazy. When I first saw the name I was impressed and wanted to see what it was all about. When I saw what it really has I laughed out loud. That isn't all that Apple copied. The Apple watch that seems so innovative is just a piece of nice looking metal compared to the new Samsung and Android Wear watches. The Apple Watch was a decent try but what can it really do? Change your music from your watch instead of your phone? Yell things at your hand so Siri will listen to you? Send your friends a creepy touch? Who knows. Samsung actually packs some nice features in their watches. My gear s2 3G doesn't even need a phone to go with it. I can text, call, check instagram, go on a run, stream music, and tons more without even bringing my phone. It even has its own speaker. The Apple Watch needs to be connected via Bluetooth to do anything. The last point I want to bring up is the fact that Samsung’s software is completely customizable. In the phone's box software you can change how all of the icons, the background, and the lock screen looks. Also they include Developer Mode so that normal people can change and enhance the product. What does Apple do? You can jailbreak it but then what? Play all of your little games and have no restrictions? Android gives you the power to use your phone how you want to use it. To conclude Samsung completely destroys Apple in any competition and if it doesn't compete with the newer phones, just put your phone into Developer Mode and blow Apple out of the water.
BlubberFading says2016-03-09T17:40:48.0529587Z
Apple is so musch better samsung idiots
BlubberFading says2016-03-09T17:42:00.7664231Z
Apple is so musch better samsung idiots samsung is fucking retarded
Belovescoco says2016-07-17T05:49:15.5555423Z
I pick Apple Samsung sucks
ralso5 says2017-09-06T02:15:43.6932460Z
Samsung is better
hi500 says2017-10-02T00:21:02.1500363Z
I have had experience with an Apple phone as well as a Samsung phone, and I must say, from the point of view of someone who listens to music a lot, Samsung is better for that purpose because you can download any song for free. Whereas, for Apple, you have to pay to buy a song. I know that there are music player such as Spotify or Soundcloud, but they need Wifi, if you were to have no mobile data, Samsung would be better because you can listen to the downloaded music offline and online.

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