• Apple iPhone

  • Samsung Galaxy

45% 25 votes
55% 31 votes
  • Ios is overly simplistic with little customisability

  • Android, because androids don't shatter from a 4-foot fall on carpet (experience).

  • Apple overprices everything. This is no different.

  • Although Apple is more "mainstream" I believe Samsung is much better, the personalization part of it. The iPhone is more user-friendly but if you're looking for something less watered down Samsung is the way to go.

  • Iphones are ridiculously expensive to buy and fix. Fun fact: Samsung actually makes the retina displays for Apple. So every time you use your Iphone, you are using a piece of a Samsung company phone part (well they don't use the same screen type).

  • Because, although they explode, you won't spend your valuable time being harassed to do upgrades or waiting for the spinning wheel to let you get your work done.

  • With Apple, you pay for the brand.

  • I consider Android to be a far superior OS. It's Chrome browser is much better than Safari, and getting a phone from a different brand won't be such a setback. Yes, the galaxy note 7's can probably be considered "boom boom phones," but Samsung has learned from their mistakes

  • iOS is dum.

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ZachZimmey says2017-01-24T23:30:19.2560455Z
I like Google products and their customizable launchers much better. IOS is just too rigid for my likes. And give me a break, it was just one model and it was a prime example of faulty Asian production. Buy American.

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