• Yes

  • No

83% 38 votes
17% 8 votes
  • Make America great again!

    Posted by: reece
  • Think of how big the universe is. Think how many planets there are. There are infinite opportunities for aliens to exist. We just can't see them. Or, at least that's what the government is telling us...

  • It is highly probable.

  • Hell yeah aliens exist. We're only on one planet in one galaxy of the billions of other galaxies and planets out there. You can't even admit that there is the SLIGHTEST possibility that there is extraterrestrial life somewhere out there? Plus considering the loads of evidence we have to the contrary.

  • Ofcourse they do, even our own galaxy is way too big for us to explore, there are billions of Galaxies, and in each galaxy, possibly 10 or more planets, now imagine that, imagine just how big the universe is...

  • Supposing we are talking about alien life in general (not necessarily intelligent) then yes.

  • I do believe that aliens exist, we are currently exploring other planets so why is it so hard to believe that other civilizations with more advanced technology haven't visited us?

  • The universe is so big that there must be aliens. I just don't believe that they have ever visited earth

  • Every one of us is made up of atoms that were once part of an exploding star, including atomic carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen - some of the fundamental ingredients for life. Over billions of years, these ingredients condense to form gas clouds, new stars, and planets, which means that the ingredients, and therefore the potential, for life beyond Earth are scattered across the universe. What's more, a number of recent discoveries also strongly suggest that alien life exists, either in our own solar system or beyond. The ultimate question is no longer "Is there life beyond Earth?" but rather "Will we ever find it?"

    Posted by: z121
  • hell yeah they are!

  • Nope.

  • People who believe in aliens fail to comprehend the actual science needed for "faster than light" travel. A race capable of that feat, can self-create anything it needs. They would never need to leave home. Further, the notion that such an advanced race would come to earth and then crash or be "shot down" is simply ludicrous.

  • Don't be stupid.

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reece says2016-09-30T02:01:03.5117743Z
@Sciguy This is going to be interesting. Do you agree an alien civilization would most likely be millions of years more advanced, not thousands (if they're able to reach us). I'm not just talking about the technological side of it, but also the evolutionary side. It's just that an average persons perception of time is minuscule when talking about cosmological macro scales.
reece says2016-09-30T02:03:57.7047241Z
With evolution I'm talking about a head start.
Anonymous says2016-09-30T02:04:42.6227971Z
@reece - I am saying that precisely! I am convinced that if our and an Alien civilization were to encounter, catastrophe would ensue. All me to reiterate that I believe that it would have a outcome comparable to the Indians and the Europeans.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T02:07:33.6310933Z
I just realize I never left a comment with my vote whoops. I can imagine two things would happen with Human/Alien Contact. A. They come in peace and help us advance to the next level of technological advancements/political etc. B. They will come and enslave humanity like the Combine from the Half Life Games, I see this as a much more likely thing to happen if we run into warmongering aliens. I feel like if they are more advance than us they'd simply use us for their labor and mine our planet clean and leave us to die. It makes much more sense if you look at it from their prospective why bother doing the labor when they can just force us to and face very little resistance.
Anonymous says2016-09-30T02:07:59.7121780Z
@reece - No matter what, the probablity of an Alien species being a non-carbon life form is unlikely. So, that being said, they would obiously want to plunder our planet for its resources. Water, air, and food would be to them the promised gold, silver, and spices told to be in North America by the Europeans.
Anonymous says2016-09-30T02:11:07.6801927Z
@Knaveslayer99 - I concur with you, but slightly. I still would see it more logical for an advanced civilization to obliterate its inferior specimen.
reece says2016-09-30T02:22:04.8428302Z
@Sciguy If anything, it would most likely be if the Indians tried to invade Europe in an alternative reality. What I'm saying is that an advanced alien civilization would most likely be peaceful. I doubt they would have much scarcity. Why would they attack earth in the first place? We would be like bacteria on a rock.
reece says2016-09-30T02:23:17.5558285Z
reece says2016-09-30T02:32:03.1293131Z
@Knaveslayer99 Which are better, slaves or robots?
reece says2016-09-30T02:32:58.3380670Z
Really advanced robots*
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T02:34:13.9696516Z
@Reece Robots easily they can be built effectively and can also be upgraded unlike organism well unless we're talking about Phyrexism [Cyborgs].
reece says2016-09-30T02:36:40.0040599Z
@Knaveslayer99 Now, why would they want slaves. They would just get in the way.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T02:38:16.4451145Z
@reece Well according to Phyrexism Organisms are just resources that need perfection. Perfection that can only be met with combining Skin and Flesh as one. [Phyrexism is my term for what the Phyrexians do/are in the MTG universe]
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T02:39:07.2240910Z
@reece What I'm trying to say is why choose one resource over the other when you can combine them and create a much better resource.
reece says2016-09-30T02:42:04.5215005Z
@Knaveslayer99 That's not how chemistry works.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T02:43:41.2589608Z
@reece Perhaps we just haven't unlocked the means to make such an advanced leap :P Either way I don't believe it I just use it as a term for the Phyrexians. I just find it to be an interesting look and turn on organics and metals.
reece says2016-09-30T02:43:51.5551588Z
You have to find ways around it.
simmons555 says2016-10-08T08:27:21.4452348Z
Why are people assuming that if we found an alien it would be of intelligent life.
TheGuyWhosThoughtsYouHear says2016-10-18T16:04:20.9864948Z
Do you think im an alien??? Ive been doing this "Thought Broadcasting" thing for fucking 26 years and you haven't said shit. Id imagine you wouldn't say shit if you were hanging out with one all damn day.
katepearl12 says2016-10-18T21:23:09.9684397Z
The ex-defense minister of Canada confirmed that the US is in contact with at least 5 different extra-terrestrial species, so therefore, we have proof that aliens exist and that our governments our aware of their existence
KthulhuHimself says2016-12-30T10:06:33.1669015Z
Just a reminder - "aliens" doesn't necessarily mean "intelligent aliens". Single-celled organisms still count.

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