Are all these flat earth debates serious or jokes?

Posted by: lightingbolt50

I keep seeing more and more of these debates. I can't believe people would seriously be this dumb to believe it.

  • Serious

  • Joke

28% 8 votes
72% 21 votes
  • Its so serious, I mean we all know the world is truly flat like a pancake. This is the reason why people like pancakes. Otherwise pancakes would be spherical.

  • Come on, we all know the Earth is the flat center of the universe and that evolution is false. I mean, how could you be so stupid not to know this obvious fact.

  • I have changed my mind. The evidence is perfectly presented to support a flat earth. Science is wrong.

  • How else can you explain why pancakes AND minecraft worlds aren't spheres , obviously the sphere earth was created by illuminati aliens working for the Chinese.

  • Stop calling my debate a joke, fool. Open your eyes. The Earth is flat!!!!

    Posted by: Wylted
  • I have been researching the flat earth for the past few months. Besides pictures and videos from NASA which can be and are fake, there is more evidence supporting the flat earth. Besides the evidence, everything supporting a flat earth can be explained.

  • Thanks to a few new documentaries on YouTube which show a lot of proof, more and more people are looking into this, experimenting, seeing for themselves and creating more videos. Too much disinformation though sadly, so watch out for shills. Ifers got shut down on new years day, so I'd start with them if you are truly open minded. 100th monkeys gotta be coming up soon...if you watch one flat earth documentary and don't have questions, go back to sleep, you weren't one of the first. If you have doubts, join the club!

  • wow....just joke

  • I hope they're jokes or everyone's been laced XD

  • check out my latest debate on this subject on my profile...

  • its also been proven the Earth isn't flat. All this flat Earth thing is bogus.

  • There has been reputable corroborations that disprove the "flat earth" hypothesis, yet the easily confutable, dogmatic, gullible and scientifically groundless fundamentalists and creationists who perpetuate this hokum will still be adamant to acknowledge the truth and will render it as "contentious."

  • Anyone smart enough to use this site is smart enough to know basic facts.

  • Even the greeks knew that the earth is round

    Posted by: Lukas8
  • The earth is round. The EPIC camera on board the DSCVR satellite operated by NOAA, shows one image that shows the earth is spherical. Also, a russian sailor Fedor Konyukhov sailed around antarctica in around 100 days going 16,400 miles. That isn't near enough room to put all the continents.

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Preston says2014-07-03T09:39:16.4451261-05:00
THEY ARE SUBMIT, I choose you submit
Criomorph says2014-07-04T21:17:34.6281879-05:00
I sincerely hope that it's a joke. Because if it isn't? Well.....EXTERMINATUS may be in order.

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