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PetersSmith says2014-10-18T19:25:35.4098081-05:00
To be, or not to be?
blackkid says2014-10-18T20:04:40.2435305-05:00
@kbub: That's not true though. Gallup polls historically have shown that most Americans as citizens don't want to police the world. The American Government as a superpower however has the global responsibility to police the world. Current Americans were not alive to take any land from the Native Americans and the land protected has actually not shifted much since those areas were set in place and general awareness was made functional to the Native American plight. Sadly you are correct about American xenophobia where immigration is and always has been a major issue in this country. I wish I could otherwise.
dbushwacker says2014-10-19T00:11:06.3779708-05:00
If you didn't understand the relation I made to the subject of entitlement just ask, I ran out of space in the comments section :).
leonitus2464 says2014-10-19T09:47:39.5207324-05:00
The people who voted yes are seriously agreeing with a generalization. What a bunch of bullsh#t all generalizations are wrong. You can't presume to know how 300,000,000 people think.
kbub says2014-10-19T23:25:35.2246982-05:00
@blackkid, the oppression of Native Americans continues today. Native Americans are not given authority over serious crimes committed in their territory. Native American nations have no authority to pass their own laws: they have to always check with the Beurou of Indian Affairs--which is why in many territories poverty rate is over 60%, with 12% without electricity. The healthcare is often terrible, often with only one clinic in hundreds of square miles. Sometimes only one source of water in hundreds of square miles. Not only that, but when anything destructive to property value or harmful to the environment, it's always done on Indian sovereign territory. (That way, they don't have to deal with the political turmoil and lawsuits from taking the land of "real Americans." Where do you think we keep our nuclear waste? Did you know the boarder fence goes through 3 Indian territories? The plans for expanding more oil pipelines through 7 territories, all against their consent? Furthermore, the United States has done nothing to make reparations for the treaties they've broken, and they continue to break the treaties right now. I don't care what polls say about what the United States say they think about Native Americans. The truth is they don't give a crap. They are content to bully.
kbub says2014-10-19T23:41:40.2058728-05:00
Also, I'm very skeptical about polls indicating what Anericans say that want. I prefer to look at current events, current political rhetoric, and who gets elected. Especially after 9-11, the United States has had their hands everywhere: Afgahnistan, Liberia, Libya, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Suria, Egypt... The list goes on. The United States drones are able to effectively assign are anyone, in any country, at any time, and the US is enough of a military and economic superpower that the only people who dare oppose them find themselves dead or economically devistated. To name names: Venezuela, Peru, Iraq, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, Cuba. They have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world many times over. They also bribe nearly every nation they aren't threatening, so that they can influence their politics (like a parent influencing the choices of their economically-dependent child). Americans can say "I don't believe we should be te police of the world," and yet I see not one of these things ending. No nuclear disarmament. No drone bans. No promises to withdraw all our foreign-placed troops. No declarations of the rights of foreign nations to have self-autonomy. No turning off our spy satellites. As long as it is politically devestating to suggest NOT being the world police, I have to assume that Americans are comfortable with the idea.
kbub says2014-10-19T23:53:33.4383951-05:00
Now, I shall go on to point out that Americans think they are entitled to the lives and deaths of 7 Billion chickens every year. Billion. Americans think they are entitled to continue contributing to global warming. They are entitled to make new "development" pretty much wherever they like. Americans feel entitled to sacrifice 25 million rats in scientific experiment every year. They feel entitled to eat whoever they want, except their pets. They feel entitled to kill some humans and cage others, in a reddiculous domestic war against "drugs" (but really against their owners), all as a means to pre-emotively prevent future crimes, and thus feel safer at night. 1/5 women report being raped. This means we have a culture of sexual entitlement. Considering the size of the porn industry, I'd say that culture of entitlement is definitely thriving.
Renegader says2014-10-23T21:51:06.1182055-05:00
Americans built a great nation, now let us enjoy it you socialist bastards.

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