Are Antinatalists morally obligated to become homosexuals?

Posted by: Wylted

  • Antinatalists should be heterosexual

  • Antinatalists should become homosexual

22% 2 votes
78% 7 votes
  • all anti-natalists should be homosexual. no moral person is homosexual. no anti-natalist is a moral person,

    Posted by: Ajab
  • Given the fact that homosexuality is NOT a choice, this would be like saying every feminist should become women. It makes just as much sense.

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CJKAllstar says2014-07-13T06:44:39.3842347-05:00
Why the hell should it matter?
Ragnar says2014-07-13T09:07:07.2755037-05:00
What about Asexual?
reece says2014-07-13T09:16:27.5149097-05:00
You can't just magically become sexually attracted to the same sex. "Are Antinatalists morally obligated to become homosexual?" it's a stupid question.
reece says2014-07-13T09:20:50.4233514-05:00
Ajab: Do you know anything about genetics?
briantheliberal says2014-07-13T10:38:27.0154438-05:00
How do you become homosexual?
Wylted says2014-07-13T12:54:29.6515871-05:00
Homosexuality is a choice. God wouldn't force us to sin. Asexuality is a myth. I know there A&E people who think they're asexuals but they aren't.
BblackkBbirdd says2014-07-13T13:35:26.5157801-05:00
Every none-biased study had conclusively proven that sexuality, including homosexuality isn't a choice. Additionally, who are you to say that someone else's sexuality is a 'myth' if you can never experience what they do or don't feel in terms of sexual attraction?
Wylted says2014-07-13T13:38:05.3398748-05:00
Actually the field of psychology and Freud agree that asexuality doesn't exist. It doesn't exist. That's a fact. I understand asexuals feel that way, but they are just repressing their sexual desires.
iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-07-16T18:25:07.3588191-05:00
The third option is missing. Antinatalists can be either.
MasturDbtor says2016-04-13T02:26:30.5168458Z
Why not asexual, or celibate? Or have a vasectomy or a tubal ligation? Why would antinatalists specifically have to become homosexual?

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