Are "assault rifles" styled rifles substantially different than other rifles?

Posted by: TBR

  • Yes

  • No

20% 2 votes
80% 8 votes
  • Better weapon = more people die.

  • the real meaning is a rifle that is full auto, or select fire to shoot full auto. Or for politicians It's any object that looks scary.

  • No, except for maybe capacity abilities.

  • I hate when people call them "assault rifles". At work my friend and I were having a conversation during lunch, and he called them "assault rifles", and I yelled at him for the rest of our lunch time.

  • They both have the same magazines, what's the difference?

  • They are different in aesthetics only. Functionally they are virtually no different that any other semi-auto rifle. People who are against "assault style" rifles are typically only against them because they tend to know very little about firearms in general. They seem to care mostly about how it looks and magazine size, not knowing that you could have a 100 round magazine for a handgun if you wanted. As for the desire to own one, what does it matter? No one has to validate why they want a smartphone or a videogame or a specific type of care or whatever. Why do you have a desire for free speech, religion, fair trial, unlawful search and seizure protection or any of the other rights we enjoy in America? It doesn't matter why you want them, you have a right to them. No one has to explain to you why they want a right. The 2nd amendment is the MOST important right we have, because it's the only amendment that gives us the power to make sure that we get to keep the other ones.

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PetersSmith says2015-06-09T22:50:52.3304369-05:00
I thought this was posted by USN276 for a second.
TBR says2015-06-09T23:10:41.9545938-05:00
Got a opinion on the question PetersSmith?
TBR says2015-06-09T23:11:05.1601601-05:00
I see why you would think it was USN276. Just looked at his profile.
TBR says2015-06-11T11:00:51.0404269-05:00
@CannedBread - I hear that plenty from gun-supporters (likers etc). Let me ask further, since you answered NO, can you describe the desire for having one?
TBR says2015-06-15T14:21:54.2290457-05:00
@Krampus - I am asking why YOU would like one, not if its a legal reason to want it. Further, it should be noted that with all the success gun-supporters have had in the SCOTUS, there is still NO president that says you can have any old gun you like.
Krampus says2015-06-15T14:33:56.4761348-05:00
TBR, I built mine for a few reasons. For instance, I like to put things together and building one is a lot cheaper than buying the whole thing assembled, especially since my make has a zillion options. It is also an excellent choice for home defense for my wife because is is light, precise, and easy to handle. Also the ammunition is relatively cheap for it. I appreciate it for the mechanical engineering marvel it is. If there is ever a time when multiple people tried to invade my house while I was there, It could handle multiple intruders. It is fun to shoot. How many reasons do you want?
TBR says2015-06-15T14:37:15.5359628-05:00
" because is is light, precise, and easy to handle. " Is this different from a rifle generally NOT included in the descriptor "assault rifle"?
Krampus says2015-06-16T06:21:25.1130804-05:00
The particular platform I have has a 16 inch barrel, adjustable stock, larger magazine capacity, and a rail that allows for the attachment of a foregrip and a flashlight. This makes it compact (while still being able to adjust to fit both of us) so you can maneuver around corners and in rooms when you are inside your house, it lets you have better control of the weapon for shot placement, and lets you see in the dark. The end of my rifle barrel stops at almost exactly the same distance as the end of the barrel if I were holding a handgun. Semi-automatic rifles that are designed for hunting (even though most people use bolt action for accuracy) usually have a 22" to 30" barrel and only hold around 5 shots. Also, they don't have rails so the only thing you can usually attach to them are scopes, slings, and sometimes bi-pods. This would make hunting rifles very ineffective for home defense. You wouldn't be able to move it around easily and you don't have enough ammo in cases such as compensating for missed shots, multiple intruders, or the the attacker doesn't go down after one shot. If a group of 3 intruders came in our house (as what happened to someone on my street), I would feel most comfortable with me or my fiancee had this rifle in our hands versus one of the handguns, or even the shotgun for that matter.
TBR says2015-06-16T08:26:35.9940513-05:00
@Krampus - I thought you might bring up barrel length in the first post. My contention is, these are different. Gun-supporters, yourself included, get very worked-up about how little we understand them, then list short barrels, tactical abilities, and a never ending list of reasons why they ARE different. In my opinion, it is intellectually dishonest to make that argument only on ammo type. When pushed, even just the paint color has purpose that could be argued is different enough.
Krampus says2015-06-16T10:45:47.9193285-05:00
The point is that those things you mentioned are only aesthetic, the way the rifle works is no different than any other semi-auto. If you get a semi-automatic hunting rifle, you could get the barrel cut down to a tactical length, you could bolt on picatinny rails to be able to add whatever accessory you want, you could replace the stock with a synthetic adjustable one. You could change ANY semi-automatic rifle to look like an AR-15 and it would be both functionally and aesthetically the same. They are not different enough to be in a whole new class of weapons. It is just way cheaper and more cost/time effective to get a rifle that already comes with the things you want. A good analogy would be cars. For instance, you could buy a chevy tahoe with standard everything, then spend the time/money to add leather seats, climate control, gps, bluetooth, etc on your own time. Or you could just save the time and money and just buy the fully loaded tahoe that already comes with all of the stuff you want in it already. Both the fully loaded Tahoe and the basic one are the exact same car, even though one has a bunch of bells and whistles on it. Whether you get the fully loaded one or the basic one, they are still both a chevy tahoe, the luxury one isn't re-classified as a completely different car.
Krampus says2015-06-16T10:50:59.4729198-05:00
Also, I'm not sure what you are trying to say about ammo, but many hunting rifles use the exact same rounds as an AR-15 would. That paint argument is a poor one as well, painting a gun changes precisely nothing about how a gun would be differentiated from any other one. If that were the case, then could you paint an AR-15 any color that would make it no longer an AR-15? Or turn it into a "hunting" rifle, or make it any less of an "assault style rifle"?

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