• Atheists are smarter

  • Creationists are smarter

81% 50 votes
19% 12 votes
  • Critical, skeptical thinking isn't easy. It's not that it's unnatural, but credulous attitudes are easier to adopt and maintain because they take less work. Skepticism requires some training, patience, and above all practice. Most of those who seek out such training and practice are involved in scholarly studies like philosophy, but everyone could benefit from them as well. Where can one start? I there is a God out there and/or just morals and values out there, if any of these things exist, wouldn't they be utterly useless and unintelligible to us. There is nothing to be gained by nostalgia for the old objectivism, which was in any case used only to justify arrogance, tyranny, and cruelty. People [forget] ... how utterly hateful the old pre-humanitarianism world was.

  • Atheists, because they are thinking rationally.

  • We are not retarded.

  • There is a positive correlation between higher education and atheism, meaning the higher your education the more likely you are to be atheist (and this is especially true for the scientific community). To explain this trend we need to understand that this is a causation effect. Meaning that people tend to become atheists with more education, not the other way around where atheists are more likely to pursue higher education. The exposure to lessons not taught in high school can change a person's beliefs. (Especially where non-traditional, non-creationist lessons are controversial in a school setting). Some studies in particular that can have an impact are anthropology, history, and science.

    Posted by: fawny
  • Im still laughing at the picture for the other option.

  • I hate religion, and its creationist dogma.

  • There have been many studies that show an inverse relationship between religiousness and intelligence, http://psr.sagepub.com/content/early/2013/08/02/1088868313497266.abstract Furthermore, seeing to what creationist want taught in schools under the guise of science I'd say that is a strong indication as well.

  • the atheist community is only smarter because all of us actually think on important topics a lot. we're not smarter because we're atheist but with atheism comes logic.

  • I voted this way just simply from my experiences on twitter

  • Atheists are skeptics so We do not simply believe things but we want them to be truth. We search for reasons. We go to the root of things in order to understand the properly. Theists are enclosed in ideal statements defending the sort of delusional arguments that be either be prove or disproved because trascend our capabilities. So, absolutely atheists are intellectuals theists are conformists

    Posted by: sdjjms
  • Science has evidence, I'm sure that there is no god up there

  • I HATE to choose one or the other because there should be no reason for one to be smarter that the other (unless you one of those asshats who wholeheartedly believes religion=a complete inability to think logically).

  • They are both in many respects close-minded and dumb as f.uck. Honestly who gives a s.hit what "the Truth" is. Neither side will ever have or obtain all the answer's to life's mysteries including the Universe itself. I wish I could vote neutral on this so to pi.ss off the atheists I'll vote "No".

    Posted by: Xxzefd
  • They are born with a closed mind? No, that's not true, how can they be born with a closed mind if they don't have a mind at all?

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KaleBevilacqua says2013-11-15T20:25:36.1458083-06:00
Atheism and creationism aren't opposing, mutually exclusive views. That being said, atheists who believe in evolution tend to be smarter from what I've seen, as a general statement.
Macgreggor says2013-11-15T21:42:26.5601868-06:00
If "god" is a metaphysical term, then it cannot be even probable that a god exists. For to say that "God exists" is to make a metaphysical utterance which cannot be either true or false. And by the same criterion, no sentence which purports to describe the nature of a transcendent god can possess any literal significance. Morality has played an important role in both religion and theism throughout human history. So deeply intertwined have the two been that most people today sincerely believe that morality isn't possible outside of religion or, at the very least, without belief in God. As a consequence, atheists are commonly thought of as being immoral and lacking any purpose or meaning to their lives Modern science and especially modern physics and quantum mechanics - can be very difficult to understand, in part because they describe ideas which can appear very strange to us. Does this justify relying upon supernatural and mystical explanations for the universe, however? I don't know if it can be broken down to something as ambiguous as intellect, however, it is more of a way of life one can be institutionalized in and have to spend their adult years using critical thinking to decide whether faith or science guides their conscious.
Greematthew says2013-11-15T23:14:48.7920000-06:00
So, creationists are naturally more unintelligent than atheists? Because I've met some pretty dumb atheists before. I'm going to take this as a troll poll.
Macgreggor says2013-11-16T00:17:08.5176000-06:00
I don't think so, I am basically, and maybe in a not so eloquent way, trying to say...It really doesn't matter in the end; it is a question of faith versus science. It is a choice not a contest. One should respect the other and call it a day. Troll poll? Maybe? But, how can we understand and enlighten one another if we cut off communications so bluntly? I am open to any rational ideas!
chengste says2013-11-16T07:03:54.3638482-06:00
Got to admit the Einstien guy was pretty dumb after all he said " There are people who say there is no God, but what makes me really angry is that they quote me for support of such views.”
eZminT says2013-11-16T20:13:19.0856754-06:00
Do not pretend to understand Einsteins philosophical views you mut.
Mikal says2013-11-16T20:14:19.5356754-06:00
A mudblood calling someone a mut.
Mikal says2013-11-16T20:14:19.6668962-06:00
A mudblood calling someone a mut.
3fataldeaths says2013-11-19T18:28:42.5547323-06:00
Believing in any type of god or a magical bean that created everyone out of blah blah, Surely you got to wake up. We have.
chengste says2013-11-19T20:17:41.8448818-06:00
Yep and is it you or Einstein who we would call smarter?
Acobb2018 says2013-12-14T08:57:51.3691230-06:00
Neither. They are both equally smart.
Acobb2018 says2013-12-14T08:58:32.4577320-06:00
I mean atheist or Christians...
RebelRebelDixieDixie01 says2014-02-05T12:12:25.9261762-06:00
This was a copy off of my poll
Calmador says2014-11-20T16:47:55.6514086-06:00
Troll poll........... Wow
Calmador says2014-11-20T16:48:30.2985644-06:00
I couldn't even dignify this poll with a response.

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