Are babies screams louder than any sound in the world?

Posted by: muricamurray

  • Yes

  • No

11% 2 votes
89% 17 votes
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MetalheadWolfman says2014-06-11T16:47:35.9401634-05:00
Baby screams are around 100db around the mouth... Plenty of things have been documented as louder.
Geogeer says2014-06-11T18:25:37.2742359-05:00
When you are trying to sleep I can guarantee that a nearby bomb would be more restful.
muricamurray says2014-06-11T22:57:18.7836767-05:00
It was mostly a joke but fact guys
muricamurray says2014-06-11T22:57:47.2391795-05:00
I dont know why people take polls like this SOOOOO seriously...
MetalheadWolfman says2014-06-12T14:42:42.5511137-05:00
@Geogeer - That's subjective to the person hearing it. In the regards of decibel measurement, it is not. @MurricaMurray - Because this isn't a satire site.
Geogeer says2014-06-12T14:52:56.5280369-05:00
Actually we are hardwired to be disturbed by babies crying. There was a study done, and the sound of a baby crying is harder to concentrate through than other similar sounds like heavy metal and jet engines. @ 3AM for the 42nd night in a row, you will wish for the bomb to hit!
MetalheadWolfman says2014-06-12T16:04:31.5100548-05:00
@Geogeer - I don't think you understand my point. Yes, we are WIRED that way, but the OBJECTIVE volume doesn't change, no matter how we feel about it.
Geogeer says2014-06-12T16:30:59.4548957-05:00
I fully understand, but this is a fun poll and not meant to be serious.

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