Are Black Lives Matter Helping or Harming society

Posted by: GEDDO

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changesociety says2016-09-27T13:23:17.2718679Z
The media is harming society.
benhos says2016-09-27T17:35:02.1539844Z
Both. BLM is a very diverse group. You have racist shitstains in there who want to kill a billion whites, and then you have nice pacifists who merely want police brutality to stop.
reece says2016-09-27T17:56:52.7027853Z
I view it as the two comments up above ^
AJL36 says2016-09-28T15:11:53.4019533Z
If someone pulls a gun on a cop whether there black or white the police officer has every right to shoot them. People should not riot if an African American man/women try to rob a store and end up dead. The police should shoot no matter the persons race.

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