• Yes.

  • No.

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  • The United States doesn't really have blasphemy laws. But these types of laws belong only within churches and within organization religions. Secular nations have no business passing these ridiculous laws.

  • Theocracy is the enemy of modernisation.

  • Freedom of Speech.

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Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2017-05-09T11:16:32.0703770Z
Organization = organized
missmedic says2017-05-09T14:55:17.7699770Z
Blasphemy laws are to protect god's feelings, because gods are so sensitive.
Mharman says2017-05-19T14:23:12.2701592Z
@Gareth_BM: That is bullcrap. This is my biggest problem with atheism. You guys think you're SOOOO much smarter and better than everyone else. @missmedic: God doesn't need these laws, and God isn't a snowflake. @Juan_Pablo_4_hillary: America is not a secular nation.
kawoodson says2017-05-30T01:04:38.7179439Z
@Mharman, unbelievers don't think they are smarter or better we are skeptical of things that there is no evidence for. If evidence presents itself in favor of a god(s) I bet most atheists would be willing to change what they believe to be true. The same cannot be said for most religious people.

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