Are braces the same as plastic surgery?

Posted by: Immaloser

All braces have medical purpose in my opinion. Even slightly crooked teeth can cause problems so I do not see braces as mostly cosmetic.

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No braces are not mostly cosmetic

All Crooked teeth are unhealthy and can cause gum disease, tooth wear, higher risk of teeth injury, bad breath and difficulty cleaning. All braces have a medical value to them and are mainly medical.
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Yes they are for cosmetic reasons most of the time

The dangers of crooked teeth are not true and they are just used to justify unneeded braces. Braces are the same as getting a nose job and should be seen as only cosmetic for the most part.
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carnallie says2016-10-31T13:44:25.7895707Z
Becoming a teenager is a vulnerable stage of your life. Boys and girls become curious about each other, and may do silly things like look underneath the stalls to check what they can see. This will probably break the self-esteem of the victim, especially since they are so sensitive about their bodies. I can just imagine what boys will do with a girls sanitary bin in the bathroom if they have the chance and loud remarks from either boys or girls when other people are in the stalls :( All in all: not good for psychosocial development.
carnallie says2016-10-31T14:34:27.2800109Z
For me, braces are mostly cosmetic. It all boils down to this: an individual notices that something is not to their liking (be it teeth, ears, nose, etc.) and they would like to alter it. People do generally care what other people think of them, and unfortunately, they are right to want to put certain measures in place to protect themselves from cruel people. For example: my brother received braces because his front teeth were half a thumb apart. He was bullied for this in primary school - just imagine what he would have endured in high school. Thus, he made the decision to get braces early in high school, to prevent further psychological trauma. Nothing was medically 'wrong' with his teeth - he just prevented further bullying. This is nothing different from an individual wanting to surgically alter his/her bat ears, for example.

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