Are bronys the "cancer of the internet?"

Posted by: Keter

Bronys are male fans of the Hub TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Do you agree with the hate, or do you support their right to have interests?

  • No, I am one or I support them.

  • Yes. They're weird and should not exist.

62% 13 votes
38% 8 votes
  • Cancer of The Internet award goes to tumblr feminists

  • Well hmmmmmmmm...... I guess you can have the right to like a TV show, even if it is a children's show, however they spam and troll way too much.

  • They aren't as bad as some groups, like I'd say a lot of the groups on Tumbler are pretty bad. What's that? I can't be a straight white male? Well screw you too tumbler.

  • They're really not that bad.

  • What is so wrong with liking a TV show? Sure, it's directed audience are supposed to be young kids, but there are minorities and people who hate them so much they need to be wiped off the planet aren't letting the Bronies express their right to freedom of self expression. Just because you aren't one, you probably are picking on them to keep your stereotype minority safe(*cough cough* Tumbler *cough*). BTW: Pegasister right here.

  • They are massive trolls and are often immature. While most people get over their favorite kids show when they are about 10, these people often continue supporting it just to annoy others, in my opinion.

  • Boney?

  • They should be evaluated psychologically to ensure safety.

  • People like bronies deserve to be wiped off the surface of the planet.

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Actionsspeak says2014-04-21T00:37:57.2349360-05:00
Cancer of the internet= trolls
Actionsspeak says2014-04-21T00:39:58.5101134-05:00
And anyone who makes viruses.
BasicLogic says2014-04-21T03:56:23.0440548-05:00
I think idiots are the cancer of the internet

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