Are celebrities good role models???

Posted by: sasa101

Are they good or bad?

  • YES

  • NO

23% 5 votes
77% 17 votes
  • it depends on the celebrity. most are but then you get the occasional one that makes all kinds of bad decisions and ruins the name for all celebrities and makes everyone think that every celebrity is a bad role model. But I say yes. they are good role models because there are more good than bad.

  • It depends on the celebrity.

  • I totally get that they are the most successful in their particular field. I say no because of how few of them actually do anything to inspire others to live life with the idea of making things better. Usually they are just icons used to advertise causes and at best bring awareness to some people.

  • Sadly, I don't think so.

    Posted by: CKLim
  • Not all.

  • Some celebrities are decent role models, but other are not.

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Dimas_Prasetyo28 says2015-05-26T21:47:42.2368942-05:00
Hi, I am a new member. Dealing with this issue, we can distinguish it in 2 points of views : 1st opinion is bad if the celebrity does many bad deeds and their followers imitate them. 2st in vice versa, It is different if their idol shows good behave, it may influence their fans too.

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