Are children virtually slaves to their parents?????

Posted by: noahojeda

  • Yes

  • No

58% 14 votes
42% 10 votes
  • I disagree with actionspeak's comparison of an American child to an American employee. An employee may quit at any time and choose any employer that he wants, while a slave has no choice in masters and cannot leave his place of work. By definition, children are closer to slaves than employees at least.

  • A child has no choice to whom he or she is born (or who adopts or takes care of him or her). A child may be born to parents who understand how to cultivate healthy thinking and behavior and independence (the ability to understand how to take care of one's self, to depend upon and trust one's self - which includes knowing who to trust - and the competence to take on the challenges of life in a healthy and effective way), or a child may be born to parents who are ignorant of the effects their choices have on their child's development and well-being. These parents may overlook the importance of being a good role model (that their children are likely to pick up on their own behaviors), they may be negligent in cultivating compassion and social skills, they may expose the child to a life of violence and poor conflict resolution, they may be too controlling and prevent the child from developing "self-control," which requires having opportunities to practice self control, etc. The point being that the child's mental and physical health and ability to deal with life's challenges can be hugely effected by the choices parents make during that child's critical years of development (up to about age 7). As long as the parents haven't broken any laws, a young child has no choice but to live with his or her parents or guardians and under the conditions of those guardians' rules. Now it might be argued that the child doesn't HAVE to obey the parents' rules, but even if the child would rather disobey the rules and face the consequences (say, for example, if the parents were attempting to enforce unreasonable rules), this might result in a damaged relationship between parent and child and may impair the child's development, ability to deal with life's challenges, or possibly might create trust issues and / or self control issues. So it is considered acceptable for the child to have no say in what the house rules are, even when they are unfair and potentially damaging to the child's mental / emotional heath and / or development. Children often do chores because their parents give them no choice. Even though the parents feed, clothe, house their children, there is no agreement here. I think the only situation a child could not be likened to a slave with the parents as the slave owner is when the child feels that the living arrangement is a mutually beneficial one; the parents care for the well-being of the child out of love and the child knows that he or she can trust the parents. The child appreciates what the parents do for him or her and willfully helps the parents with chores.

  • They definitely ARE slaves to their parents. They keep telling them to stay out of important affairs,forcing them to obey them no matter what or else,heavily limiting their freedom of speech and expression,which is a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT by the way,and punishing them badly if they try to break free of their chains. They ARE slaves! But in fact,they have minds TOO and are NOT designed to be a slave of a parent! Nowadays,parents have a dictatorial position on power and ageism against children is so prevalent that most children cant even voice their opinion on something which may affect their life greatly,like whether do they want to move away,etc. So vote YES,guys!

  • I am a kid and every body I know in the U. S. A. (kids only) would agree on that we are slave to are parents but the other side has a point that we depend on them but slaves depend on there owners to so i that case kids are slaves.

  • It depends on the country, where I live (America) the government controls parenting and the child must be granted basic liberties (or it is taken by the state.). A child is a slave in the same way a worker is a slave.

  • I do agree with Actionspeak's analogy of the American worker because you are a slave to debt, ergo to a job usually no one you really want. How many people can just quit working at a whim? Most people are combing the streets for anything these days which gives management even more leverage to abuse your time, energy, and treatment. A kid being a slave to their parent is an odd notion, being totally dependent, yes.

  • Virtually slaves, are you serious? You are comparing slavery to having to follow what parents say is okay? No, no, no. Children are not "Virtually slaves" to their parents, children rely on their parents up until they are 18 for money, food, clothing, healthcare and a substansial amount of other things. If anything? Parents are slaves to their children for 18 years. Parents can't leave, they can't stop feeding their kids or stop giving them healthcare; For 18 years your parents are tethered to your side and they can't do much of anything about it and they work for hours to make sure you have what your heart desires. Sound familiar? That's a slave.

    Posted by: ATLSky
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SweetTea says2014-04-14T07:27:59.5017909-05:00
For those age 21 & younger who voted "Yes" ... I think you should share your feelings with your parents. And I think it'd be great if your parents gave you a little taste of "slavery" -- no nice clothes, no cellphones, nobody cooking & cleaning-up after you, no allowance of any kind, no cars, no vacation, no MP3, no computer, no television, no video-gaming system, no leaving the house, no gifts, no parties, no prom dresses or proms, etc. Maybe, they could even share your dissatisfaction with a teacher? I bet a term-paper on slavery would prove very educational! It is somewhere between spoiled stupid and a gross lack of knowledge in American History, that anyone would even dare to make this comparison to slavery. There hasn't been a kid, on God's green earth, that was perfectly content with their parents or the "House Rules". Do you really think you are feeling a frustration that others haven't felt? But rules are far from slavery. Chores are far from slavery. Kids today have life far better than any generation that preceded them. And you all appreciate that fact so little that you have compared yourselves to slaves. Be ashamed!
Haroush says2014-04-14T11:28:46.7330746-05:00
Yes, they are slaves in a technical sense, but this type of slavery was never a bad thing. Many kids who turn rebellious towards their "masters" usually have very caring and loving parents. Of course, this isn't always true, but parents as a whole don't deserve this generalization as many kids don't have the comprehension skills to understand what it takes to raise them into being an adult. Furthermore, what do you consider being a slave to your parents? That's the big question.
Venusara says2014-04-14T20:57:11.4358360-05:00
Hummmm, maybe....
Matt_Asphaug says2014-04-16T02:23:54.7485753-05:00
Sweet Tea, even actual slaves could be given those things, but if they are not there working out of agreement, they are still slaves. Even if there is an agreement and both parties are happy, if the person could not leave if they wanted to, isn't that still forced? Could that be likened to slavery? I think maybe the important point here is to what extent do children have a choice (legally?) in who raises them? If two parents have been known raise happy children who grow up to be incredibly smart and happy fully-functioning members of society, would it be ethical (or perhaps even very sensible) (for example, for the state) to ask them (or pay them) to raise children who have been subjected to damaging parenting?

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