• Yes

  • No

77% 30 votes
23% 9 votes
  • Colleges only have a few conservatives.

    Posted by: Fletch
  • More and more colleges are going from free thinking to outright aggression towards ideas that don't fit the progressive agenda. This has no place in a learning environment.

    Posted by: md524
  • Conservatives are free thinkers but they are also sensible

    Posted by: 124275
  • a lot of colleges have affirmative action, which is kinda racist.

  • A college is a perfect place to examine opposing views. I'm not sure what "tribal" ideas a conservative supposedly thinks, but that generalization is a silly and unfair. An institution is supposed to make you think about different opinions and come to your own conclusion while using supporting facts. It is not meant to make you think like everyone else. I would never want to be involved in a school where being a conservative is mutually exclusive with "backwards tribal thinking". Yikes.

  • Yes, academia is the most reasonable and intelligent segment of society, but a lot of them are starting to go overboard in pushing the more extreme liberal ideas. I think it's mostly the fault of overzealous students who think they know much more than they do

  • They're being so progressive, they're actually being regressive! safe spaces, hating on others views, honoring a terrorist who was shot by cops! So, it's worse than progressive

  • Conservatives naturally conform to authority (to the perceived strongman). They aren't freethinkers.

    Posted by: reece
  • Colleges are centers of education. That's what they're there for, to educate and enlighten the students that choose to pursue higher education. To say an institution that's fundamentally progressive is too progressive is kinda silly, don't you think? Ideologies that apotheosize backward and tribal ideals have no place in schools, outside of in educating people on their atrocities.

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nivac817 says2017-07-27T07:56:41.2508699Z
I didn't vote. But i think the reason we see more liberals on college campuses, is because most people in college are younger millennials. A demographic that is more liberal.
ShadowbannedAlready says2017-07-30T19:34:17.0371563Z
Yes. And while the institutions themselves are to blame, this is more of an issue with us young people being impressionable and easily baited into aggressively defending a leftist agenda, while at the same time wanting to consider ourselves "free-thinkers". This is typical in america, where the true concept of freedom has been systemically purged of any real value except for demagoguery, where it will be called upon to elicit an emotional response from an audience.
reece says2017-07-31T02:39:59.4086135Z
ShadowbannedAlready, which leftist agenda are you talking about? Or is that just a talking point you got off some right-wing pundit?
Dburch111 says2017-08-19T18:15:08.2426179Z
The fact that some people can perceive an EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION as TOO PROGRESSIVE is just pitiful.
Mharman says2017-08-19T22:04:01.5632673Z
@Reece: How about all the outlandish things being taught a colleges nowadays? Or the plot to scapegoat Russia? Or their support for open borders, so that they can get more votes?
reece says2017-08-20T16:34:20.0629431Z
@Mharman 1. Gender studies is the only problem I've heard about in regards to college curricular. 2. Yes, scapegoating Russia is an issue. I would think many progressives would have the same sentiment as you. 3. I thought republicans were the party of responsibility. I could easily just give a cheap argument about how you'd rather have people suffer than have them vote for the opposing side, but no. America led a coalition to $$$$-up the Middle East.

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