Are conservatives and Muslim terrorists on the same spectrum? (read description)

Posted by: reece

Their both scared of change/progress in the evolution of human morality.

  • Yes. They all have the disorder of Metathesiophobia.

  • No. I just don't like where Human morality is heading.

57% 13 votes
43% 10 votes
  • They have a right to be afraid of societal change. They support the ones on top first and foremost.

  • Not muslim terrorists. but all of the ideas that go along woth Muslim fundementalism and extremism. If we are going by that the twi are practically synonomous. but it ia extremely important to remember that there is a spectrum to this. otherwise everyone gets consumed by hate no matter what ideology they subscribe to.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Well, you've tried to make it very tempting to choose the 'yes' side, but it's ridiculous to compare Conservatives with Muslim terrorists in any regard. In many respects, Conservatives are no more steadfast than Progressives are progressive.

  • The difference is that Conservatives want to fix the economy and have a small government that follows the constitution. Muslim terrorists murder innocent people in order to force an oppressive and anti-civil rights law upon the world.

  • Human Morality does not need to be religious, but it does have to have a certain degree of religious influence.

  • Depends on the conservative. Fundamentalism is different from conservatism.

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reece says2015-02-07T08:36:14.8038031-06:00
Cause of Metathesiophobia: The fear of change is evolutionary in humans. Since times immemorial, man has liked routine. Our internal predispositions (heredity and genetics) teach us to resist change mainly to ‘always feel in control’. But the normal fear of change becomes a full blown phobia when it is irrational, persistent and very intense.
Daktoria says2015-02-07T08:48:58.0411655-06:00
Even atheists can see the difference since they understand how all religions aren't the same. You really need to be a radical feminist to not. Unfortunately, lots of people get atheism confused with radical feminism. They're racists who deny multiculturalism in acknowledging the diversity of religion... Which isn't much of a surprise since femininity has racist biases, but that's another debate for another time.
reece says2015-02-07T08:59:11.9587764-06:00
I'm not saying conservatives and Muslim terrorists are at the same side of the spectrum.I'm saying their at opposite sides.Their both afraid of change/progress but their fear varies. Do you guys get it?
reece says2015-02-07T09:05:40.3301259-06:00
@Tonius5 @Madtomflint You two are missing the point.
PetersSmith says2015-02-07T11:21:06.4221320-06:00
"Their both scared of change/progress in the evolution of human morality." That's a claim, no where in any definition of "conservative" does it say that.
reece says2015-02-07T11:39:46.4038161-06:00
@PetersSmith yes, it's a claim.I never said it was a definition.Can you tell me whats wrong about it?
Madtomflint says2015-02-07T11:46:16.3415961-06:00
@reece No, I understand what you're asking. What I'm saying is that Conservatives are not conservative. They preach smaller government reduced spending, but what happens when they get in office? Government gets bigger and spending increases.
reece says2015-02-07T11:59:06.5299845-06:00
@Madtomflint You're totally missing my point.But anyway "Conservatives are not conservative." No, Conservatives are conservative but they may call them self's conservative when their really not.
Madtomflint says2015-02-07T12:01:38.7518571-06:00
Maybe you're right. Explain your point. What am I missing?
briantheliberal says2015-02-07T12:01:43.8217596-06:00
Conservatives a Muslim Terrorist are on the same spectrum. Both fear change. Both are discriminatory against certain groups of people. Both are oppressive and anti-equality. The only difference is that Muslim Terrorists are generally more violent, hence the term 'terrorist'. Aside from the economic aspect, they are the same on a social and psychological level.
reece says2015-02-07T12:04:19.5223653-06:00
@Madtomflint my point comes from the fear aspect of progress.
reece says2015-02-07T12:06:43.7103924-06:00
@briantheliberal thank you.
Madtomflint says2015-02-07T12:06:45.3171615-06:00
Strictly with regard to the desire to maintain the status quo, mostly due to religious hang-ups, yeah.
Tonius5 says2015-02-07T12:07:20.5724835-06:00
No Conservative I know fears change. Conservatives oppose the knee jerk, horribly thought out and down right damaging policies put forth by so called 'Progressives'.
Madtomflint says2015-02-07T12:09:37.5066501-06:00
@tonius5 I would hardly characterize gay marriage as a knee-jerk progressive idea, but conservatives are vehemently against it. But I assure you, I'm no fan of progressives...
reece says2015-02-07T12:16:11.0870811-06:00
@Tonius5 Are you going to change your stance?
briantheliberal says2015-02-07T12:17:13.1090495-06:00
Tonius5, and what would those be?
briantheliberal says2015-02-07T12:18:32.6231592-06:00
Reece, I was just about to post that exact poll to combat his hypocrisy.
debate_power says2015-02-07T12:23:06.2328338-06:00
@Brian @Reece Yep.
Vox_Veritas says2015-02-07T14:02:51.0044034-06:00
Biased poll
reece says2015-02-07T14:08:03.1855998-06:00
@Vox_Veritas Can you explain how this poll is irrational?
reece says2015-02-07T14:57:13.2448668-06:00
@Texas14 what sort of influence?
Texas14 says2015-02-07T14:57:58.8935342-06:00
@briantheliberal, I can't speak for all conservatives, but I am on the right and I do not fear change, I do not oppress groups nor am I discriminatory. On point of clarification, what kind of change are you talking about. Please be specific.
reece says2015-02-07T15:06:14.4764583-06:00
@Texas14 progress in science like a Three-parent In vitro fertilisation for example.
Texas14 says2015-02-07T15:08:44.5923714-06:00
Again I can't represent all conservatives, but I don't see a problem with those kind of tests, but having it be introduced as a way of life this soon? Probably not.
reece says2015-02-07T15:27:56.1310744-06:00
"but having it be introduced as a way of life this soon? Probably not." Even though it could potentially save lives by reducing life threatening disorders?
Texas14 says2015-02-07T15:36:50.0463582-06:00
Well sure, but that makes it a life saving process, not a normal way of life.
Stefy says2015-02-07T15:38:15.6263124-06:00
We are aware that human morality has stayed the same pretty much right? Throughout jistory the deal has been same sh*t different day. All the same fundemental arguments with different labels. Secualrists v fundementalists ect ect. If anything i think human morality has improved. Thousands of years ago natural rights werent even a theory. Now theyre practiced across the globe.
reece says2015-02-07T15:39:00.3818517-06:00
@Texas14 whats not normal for the person in every day life?
Stefy says2015-02-07T15:41:17.1756210-06:00
Hopefully brushing their teeth.
Texas14 says2015-02-07T15:54:26.6698780-06:00
Do you have surgery in everyday life? No.
reece says2015-02-07T16:00:57.8545152-06:00
@Texas14 i thought you were talking about the child that would be born.But anyway the surgery would be worth it and plus why should the surgery not be introduced into society?
reece says2015-02-07T16:05:16.0451499-06:00
Do you know what you're even talking about?
Tonius5 says2015-02-07T16:07:22.1003195-06:00
Well, considering I don't call Black people "N****rs", I see no hypocrisy in it.
reece says2015-02-07T16:10:40.8563649-06:00
@Tonius5 cool. You changed the vote.
Tonius5 says2015-02-07T16:28:19.7846685-06:00
You always need one.
briantheliberal says2015-02-07T16:29:06.2697836-06:00
Tonius5, that's not what you voted before anyone called you out. Why are so many conservatives blatantly dishonest or in denial about their prejudice attitudes?
briantheliberal says2015-02-07T16:31:40.5941111-06:00
Texas14, the very definition of 'conservative' implies straying away from the concept of change. You are a conservative because you want to 'conserve' certain social and political ideologies, anything you feel is a threat to that you oppose, gay marriage for example.
Tonius5 says2015-02-07T16:33:12.0381486-06:00
Prejudice? Nah. There always needs to be one black sheep in the polls who votes for the most ridiculous or horrible option.
briantheliberal says2015-02-07T16:33:55.0842044-06:00
Of course I don't mean you in particular, but there are two types of conservatives out there, social and economic. You seem more economically conservative, not social. Social conservatives are usually the ones who freak out because progress is being made in society.
briantheliberal says2015-02-07T16:35:18.3214062-06:00
Tonius5, well I'm not buying that.
Tonius5 says2015-02-07T16:37:07.9399109-06:00
Well, I'd consider myself more socially conservative. Nobody freaks out because progress is made. There has been no progress. Only people marching blindly off of cliffs, because going forward is most important to leftists, even if there is a huge hole ahead.
Tonius5 says2015-02-07T16:38:52.3680398-06:00
Well. I'm not selling any manure, that's for sure.
Texas14 says2015-02-07T16:45:19.4667539-06:00
@briantheliberal, I dont apose gay marriage. I don't understand homosexuality, and why should I? However I don't impose my moral beliefs upon others. So I think gays should be able to get married. On conservativism I do want to conserve certain things. Examples include the constitution, American values, and religious values. And not necessarily just Christian values. An example of a value being love your neighbor. All of this being said, I am open to change. Especially scientific change as long as it does not attack God. Science should be used to increase our understanding of God.
shaancl_716 says2015-02-09T01:32:00.6057102-06:00
Incredibly biased poll
reece says2015-02-09T05:44:54.7817664-06:00
@shaancl_716 how is it bias?

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