Are console exclusives good or bad?

Posted by: Zombieguy835

Poll closed on 6/1/2018 at 12:00AM.
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No, they force gamers to buy a 250+ console just to play a few games

8 votes

Yes, they help competition

3 votes
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Myphirak says2018-01-11T02:14:44.8091745Z
In terms of gamers? No. It forces consumers to buy separate consoles to play certain games. From a company perspective? Yes, it brings appeal to your system, allowing you to make more money off your console. I'm not a company owner though, so I'll go with no.
MakinBacon says2018-02-26T23:07:04.5688602Z
Instead of making the only reason to buy a console the exclusives. Why don't companies make their systems more powerful or not force you to pay for online.

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