• Yes! (There's often a change made in both sides!)

  • No. (Nothing gets done and we always end up back on square one.)

50% 5 votes
50% 5 votes
  • Yes, if it can make people relate to each other. Debates between similar religions can lead to the formation of a consensus that can make members of these religions more open-minded toward the other religion. Debates between irreconcilable religions have higher risks of being unproductive, but even in disagreement, it is better to debate about religion than to make war because of it. And, in some cases, these debates may lead to conversion of one group to the other. But this should not be the only reason for the debate, except within a given religion itself (like when the Church Fathers debated within themselves over what constitutes orthodox teaching and what is heresy).

  • Blow off some steam by destroying a religious person in a debate. Sounds productive to me!

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PapaNolan says2015-01-15T22:15:34.2456450-06:00
If this was posted in the religion forum, then it will begin one of the biggest rage wars I have ever seen on this website.
alphafailed says2015-01-15T22:16:32.9836178-06:00
Yeah, I have no doubt about that.
wildmanz says2015-01-15T22:28:18.2821748-06:00
So make a copy of it and put it in there
wildmanz says2015-01-15T22:28:30.0146757-06:00
Its also a slow night though
alphafailed says2015-01-15T22:30:29.2119113-06:00
Lol. If anybody wants to, go right ahead! I'm not pulling the pin on that grenade!
wildmanz says2015-01-15T22:33:54.5547113-06:00
Ok I pulled it lets watch it blow up
alphafailed says2015-01-15T22:36:26.5348830-06:00
XD Oh what have you done????
Texas14 says2015-01-15T23:19:26.4252698-06:00
They can be. If a believer convinces an atheist that Jesus is the son of God, their sins can be wiped away.
alphafailed says2015-01-16T08:46:15.0762041-06:00
No denying that Texas, but how often does that happen really?
BDPershing says2015-01-16T14:43:48.7947529-06:00
:troll face:...
Formerland1 says2015-01-18T08:14:05.8505612-06:00
Can someone send me a link to the picture on the selection screen please .

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