Are feminists today fighting for gender equality or just blatant sexism against men?

Posted by: youtheotube

Most feminists today differ from the feminists of 100 years ago by the fact that feminists back then were fighting for genuine issue like womens suffrage and education, unlike today's feminists who seem to try to instill double standards and for the most part, scream "patriarchy" and "misogyny" whenever a man trys to present a logical arguement.

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Yes, feminists today do try to value women over men.

30 votes

No, feminists are still fighting for gender equality which would include destroying double standards and promoting equality in crime punishment and military service.

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numberwang says2014-05-11T21:20:45.3946227-05:00
Glad to see the feminists are rallying, this poll started off going 5-1 and I was a little shocked.
vekoma123 says2014-05-11T21:23:14.7802227-05:00
I can't exactly answer one way or another. It seems that within the last decade, a good sum of feminists who are either college-aged or a tad bit older than that really seem to have manipulated a movement for gender equality into a movement for gender superiority. Not saying that there are no 'good' feminists left, because there are and they have my respect, just like masculinists who advocate for gender equality on the men's side, but unfortunately the modern radical 'feminists' have really poisoned the well to where feminism in Western society just isn't taken as seriously anymore.
youtheotube says2014-05-11T21:25:39.9226289-05:00
Vekoma123 describes exactly what i'm trying to get across here. Feminism started off good, but now a lot of feminists are trying to go beyond equality and promote female superiority. Eventually the mens rights groups will put a stop to this, unless we wait too long and all men become feminized.
vekoma123 says2014-05-11T21:54:58.2024689-05:00
Oh god.....Tumblr feminists is right, miles.
numberwang says2014-05-11T21:59:07.1160689-05:00
There are still societal and economic inequalities between men and women, there are still a couple of good reasons in the western countries where feminists still matter. I think as long as abortion and contraception are questions, at least in the US, we'll need someone advocating for those women's rights, be it feminists or someone else.
bananaunicorn4 says2014-05-13T07:32:30.1756942-05:00
Some of them...
PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-14T19:49:14.5062617-05:00
I'm a big feminist but for me it depends on some things. It's stupid to think cooking and cleaning is a females role. That's def not true at all. But you know how everyone expects the giys to pay for ever dinner?..That's not right, I think it should be 1/2 & 1/2. He pays one day and she pays another. Or they each pay for what they ate. Just because a guy should be a gentleman doesn't mean he's your personal bank account. Go out and get an actual job. Don't be a pathetic housewife and stop leeching.
PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-14T19:53:12.1878617-05:00
And abortion is good. We don't have to focus on that. We have to finish making gay marriage legal. But there are much bigger things we need to focus in. Feminists also help other women be heard.
wicked_ethicist says2014-08-27T15:41:08.6286608-05:00
I see 11 votes for the position, "feminists are fighting for... Destroying double standards and promoting equality in crime punishment and military service." I should like to see the argument in defense of this position.

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