Are gay people are better than straight people?

Posted by: ButGoOff

Recent studies show gay people are on the whole nicer, More open-minded, And have overall better health than straight people.

  • Yes

  • No

24% 20 votes
76% 63 votes
  • Gary people aren't better than straight people it doesnt matter which a prefer, Sucking dick or sucking noobs. People are individuals and their beliefs is theirs. No one is better than the other. Except for saladin, He is the best (if you get it you are an og)

  • Your sexuality doesn't determine if you are better or worse then anyone. People are free to love whom they chose, But choosing one over the other is the opposite of what we stand for.

  • what they said.

    Posted by: bilc02
  • Neither are better. Just saying.

  • I hate gays

    Posted by: VICKYT
  • Gay people and straight people are equal besides lets focus the better of humans.

  • If you believe in = as gay people do then this is obviously bullshit. Come on if i said that white strait males are the nice people and minorities are inheritly mean holy crap the backlash i would rightly recive is crazy so why should gays be any different. People who vote yes have no sense of reality and are complete bigots. This is the type of hate speech hitler did.

    Posted by: Snark
  • I am not against the LGBT. You are not better if you're gay. Someones gender doesn't define them less or more better.

  • I myself am bisexual. This is a completely faulty and irrational statement. Ones attraction should not determine their worth or value, It's ludicrous. It also goes completely against all the original movement work towards. The idea was to have equal rights as all humans are equal. Superiority is something that is supposed to be driven out and gotten rid of.

  • Better at what?

  • no being homo is not ok its kinda gay

  • both are equal

  • Do you REALLY have to make us look evil? We just think that we are the same. We're not against LGBTQ!

  • gay people aren't better than anyone, Nor are they worse, The fact that you used the picture of a hate group for saying no is very telling

  • Ironic how gay people are all about equality and there is this

    Posted by: matt31
  • Ok so I am lbgt and none is better than the other. By saying no I am not for straight people being better, I just believe they are equal and neither is better than the other

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Kardz2x says2018-09-27T03:47:25.7528722Z
I meant boobs damn you auto correct!
KoolAidCobain says2019-03-26T16:30:16.6402669Z
Relatively speaking, Yes.

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