Are GCSE's to easy?

Posted by: BblackkBbirdd

I did my English Literature today, soooooo easy.

  • Yes

  • No

17% 1 votes
83% 5 votes
  • Standardized testing is awful. It is not easy, it puts too much stress on students, it doesn't show their genuine intelligence & is a waste of time.

  • I find them easy, but I don't really want to fail them.

  • As someone doing there GCSEs I feel that they don't actually measure your intelligence they only measure someone's ability to be able to retain and regurgitate information. With many doing over 10 subjects the amount of information required is, in my opinion extensive and many of the key skills such as how to buy a house ect are not taught.

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BblackkBbirdd says2014-05-22T14:47:52.9312842-05:00
I spelt too wrong!!

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