• Yes. Genital preferences are transphobic

  • No. Genital preferences are not transphobic

6% 2 votes
94% 32 votes
  • This is simple common sense - you do not choose what you are attracted to. The very idea behind this question would imply that there is no such thing as homo, hetero, bi or a-sexuality. It implies that your preferences can or should be dictated and that choice of attraction is arbitrary, as opposed to being a bodily reaction over which you have no control. Now, is it possible that a person COULD refuse to date a trans person out of transphobia? Even though the term itself is ridiculous... Sure. Someone could hate trans people. Even in that scenario, though, the presence of or lack of attraction to a trans person is there prerogative.

  • It's this little thing liberals seem to have forgotten about...it's called freedom.

  • if you do not prefer something that doesnt mean you hate it its just not for you

  • This is absolutely ridiculous and contradicts what a lot of gay rights activists as their main argument, which is that people have no control over what they're attracted to. Whoever made should re-evaluate and maybe look around the internet, without coming to an illogical choice.

  • Genital preferences are not transphobic because phobia is the fear of something, not a hatred or distaste. Though the term *phobic* after a sexuality such as homophobic is interpreted as a hatred against individuals who are homosexual, for example. An individual simply being biased against transgenders and/or having a distaste in them is not enough to brand them *transphobic*. They would need to have a complete hatred and maliciously discriminate against trans individuals for them to be considered transphobic.

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sorenkair says2017-09-14T17:45:42.6619976Z
If you want cis people to accept LGBTQ as equal humans because they had no choice over their sexual orientation, then you must accept that we are not attracted to those who oppose our natural preferences.
jc1996 says2017-09-14T21:30:47.4591358Z
This question needs to have a clear definition between "genital preferences" and "transphobia".
reece says2017-09-15T13:14:04.1779113Z
Jc1996, why?
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T13:06:16.3934370Z
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